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Miley Cyrus’ Hacked Pics and Emails Round 1 of the Day

I have been calling Miley Cyrus a slut for a long time and that’s just because I have stepdaughter’s of my own and know what they were like when they were 15 or 16 or whatever the fuck age this bitch is and they didn’t even have the ego, money or obnoxious spoiled rich kid cunt attitude that Miley has and were still letting dudes up inside them on the regular.

You could argue that they didn’t come from the best home and were looking for some kind of male attention, but it seemed like all their friends were up to the same slutty behavior, so maybe it’s just the way the world works. Porn is more accessible, kids are jacked on hormones in the food and have their periods and titties by 10 years old so maybe Miley’s just normal, or maybe she’s just reacting to being treated as a sex object by older men and producers at Disney, while trying to maintain a wholesome image in her short shorts.

I never gave my girls shit for the shit they were getting up into, mainly because they aren’t actually my girls and I don’t really care but I did encourage them to learn the ropes at a young age so that they can use their skills later in life to land rich husbands in the future by being able to fuck their brains out proper, but I also knew that giving a young girl shit just makes them want to do it more and that’s not necessarily the life you want for your family, even if it’s extended. I mean you don’t want girls fucking to begin with, but you gotta come to terms with it so that you can deal with it in a way that they don’t end up fucking the wrong dudes or unprotected because babies, aids and abusive relationships make the whole thing a bigger pain in the ass to deal with.

What I am getting at, is that some dude claims to have hacked Miley’s email, has found some racy fuckin’ pics, including nude pics as well as emails to Nick Jonas about fucking, something we all knew they were both already up to, despite both claiming they are virgins to their Disney fans, further proving that the media is filled with lies that they expect the population to live by, all while the people involved to teach the world these wholesome lessons aren’t practicing what they preach, but are practicing the withdrawal method or even anal, because you can’t get pregnant when you take it up the ass like the little whore you are…..here are 3 of the pics, I am sure more are to come.

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