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Hailie Scott- Eminem’s Daughter – Good Shirt of the Day

Eminems daughter Hailie Scott in a crop top and jeans

Hailie Scott is Eminem’s daughter who you probably remember being a big part of his storyline in his early albums / only albums, I mean I don’t remember any Eminem, not because he wasn’t or isn’t the biggest rapper of all time, and not because he’s not clever in his jokes, but because I just don’t listen to that shit…but I do remember Hailie…who is instagramming her fit young body hard…tits out…like her stripper mother trained her properly to do…all rich as fuck because her dad is Eminem…a weird thing to think of since she looks like mid-western trashy college chick on Florida spring break, but I guess that’s pretty much what she is….just cuz Eminem got paid and lives in a huge house…doesn’t mean his daughter isn’t cut from basic white chick cloth…but the good news is that hse’s fit and busty, not some fat and lazy slob packing the freshman 15 in all her pics cuz she can thanks to being Eminem’s daughter and never having to work or really do anything by lay and eat treats…

I guess what I am saying is that she’s hot…even if she looks like every college kid at an EDM show…I’m a fan of the real slim shady, except for the tits, they may not be real.

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