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Halle Berry’s Pink Half Black Ass of the Day

I guess Halle Berry is trying to connect with her 1/2 white side, her 3/4 white kid and her 100 percent white ex-husband, because she’s out with the word’s pink on her ass….but then again…a rapper once told me something important about women and that’s that they are all pink on the inside, you just gotta flip the lip to find it sometimes, so maybe she’s making reference to her pussy now that she’s single, but I like to believe it’s got more to do with the fact that she’s already milked the African American shit, she got an Oscar for it, and she can fall back into her rich white life she’s created for herself, and wearing this pink shit is just trying to fit in with her other rich women from her baby swimming classes who she gets salads with 3 times a week….

Pics via Bauer

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