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Halle Bailey Ass of the Day

I don’t know how common the name Halle is, but I’m going to go out on a limb here and assume that this Halle Bailey child actor was name after Halle Berry, you know her parents real CINEPHILES….

She’s 22 now, so her family moved her and her sister to LA when she was 12 to get famous the way they were destined to be…and guess who they got hired by…GUESS….you get one GUESS….MICKEY FUCKING MOUSE…obviously…

Which would probably explain why she’s doing her best version of a piece of garbage Kardashian, the family that destroyed the collective consciousness of the youth with their vapid and disgusting perverted ugly ladies jacked up to be some genetically modified version of porn chicks…..

Because Mickey Mouse has made a fat investment into the Kardashian IP, they’re on their app, a flagship brand like Star Wars and Marvel….because they aren’t even trying to hide their evil plan to help room the world….

She was also signed to Beyonce’s record label, which really just solidifies all you really need to know about the young starlet, but hey, at least she does butt shot selfies like a local girl with a dream of being the next big on OnlyFans because work and school suck.

They are right about something, we are in need of a reset.


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