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Hannah Glasby Nude Photoshoot of the Day

Hannah Glasby Nude

It’s the great Glasby….not necessarily great…but possibly someone who the actual Great Glasby that F. Scott Fitzgerald envisioned when he wrote the book…Leonardo DiCaprio…will try to pretend to have sex with because he seems to like to be surrounded by random sluts who call themselves models – whether from instagram or Sports Illustrated or whatever…so that his homosexuality stays under wraps…cuz when you can fuck any and every hot girl for the last 4 decades…you get bored and fuck dudes…apparently….at least when you’re actor which in and of itself is pretty fucking queer..

Not that this Great Glasby has ever met Leo, but probably wants to…why else would she get naked on the internet right…that’s the end goal and the only reason girls would be involved in this instagam hustle..

Either way ,this was my only angle with this photoshoot – naked chick..


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Hannah Glasby & Julia Almendra by Andrew Kuykendall of the Day


Andrew Kuykendall is a friend of the site…he’s also one of my favorite photographer’s out there…not that that is really saying much…you know eveyrone can capture an image…and there is so much fucking noise out there with instagram and iPhones…that everyone is a photographer…but I actually really like his pics..but I have no taste, or concept of quality…right…

That said, he shot these Amazing pics of pornstar KAYDEN KROSS for me…probably not his biggest job as he’s done a TON of different shoots…but they are pretty amazing pics of Kayden Kross…

And this recent shoot of his, unaffiliated to this site, with these babes Hannah and Julia…is hot hot…and good enough for the Fourth of July…

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