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More Obama Haters of the Day

I am not going to get involved in your shitty politics, but when I see videos of fucking uneducated people making insane statements, I have no choice but to laugh about it, because it’s better to laugh about, than crawl into the corner and wait for the fall of America, when gun slingin’ conservative anti-abortion cowboys come to get me.

What I do know is that Obama is called muslim but was raised Christian, in Hawaii, with retired white grandparents, he went to white school, he spent a month with his dad when he was 10 or 12, and that’s the only involvement he had to his Muslim and black roots and being muslim doesn’t make you a terrorist…

I also know what he is proposing is not communism, that’s John McCain’s Maverick propaganda, introducing solutions to a health care problem, that you all have to deal with, but that the rich don’t have to deal with because they are rich, taxing people who make absurd money, and cracking down on tax shelters these rich people are using offshore to no pay the government and to hoard all their money, is not communism, socialism, or marxism, it just makes sense, especially when you are all in major debt.

John McCain, a rich man, married to a very rich woman, with very rich friends, trying to protect the free market system, where the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, but telling people they are all going to be taxed, because they don’t want to see a higher percentage of their money, because they are greedy rich folk, go out of their bank accounts and into the governments

Maybe your system is dated, maybe people need government to help them out a little, considering you aren’t doing too well as is, maybe you need a little hand out and a little less pressure on things, since you can’t afford a pot to piss in, Maybe redistribution of wealth is a logical step to take, since people who make middle class money or less, will not have to pay more to make up for the government and Wall Street’s fuck ups, but the people who make more money than that, will, it is a scale set up because the rich should be taxed more, it only makes sense, they don’t need all that money to make ends meet or for survival, they are already making too much of it….and I know I support that. I hate seeing these rich fuckers living large, while a huge percent of you are losing your house and I also like seeing sick people get help, because it’s just fucking human nature. Not everything has to be a fucking business, turning simple needs into something for profit, is the devils work. Maybe that makes me a communist.

And who the fuck is Joe the Plumber, an educated fuck, to label a motherfucker as a socialist, but the biggest concern is what McCain camp is using an uneducated plumber as part of his campaign, i don’t even trust plumbers to be alone in my apartment with my stepdaughters, let alone making claims of who is communist and who isn’t, but maybe that’s just the plumber who comes to my building doesn’t speak english very well, but he does know how to say he wants big boobies in his mouth, because he says it more than once, every time he comes to unclog the toilet, which is often.

This has got nothing to do with your moral stance, you know whether you are against abortion and for guns, it’s gotta do with logic and calling a spade a fucking spade, that you can’t see because your entire life, you’ve been told communism is bad, and that distracts you from opening your fuckin’ eyes and realize that some aspects of socialism aren’t that bad…..and what Obama is proposing isn’t even communism or socialist ideals….

None of that matters, it really isn’t even relevant to what’s going on, i mean i am drunk when writing this and I do know that seeing young kids call black people a monkey from Tarzan is a bad fucking sign. I can’t believe people are still passionate about hating someone for being black and you know they learned this in their uneducated home. People perpetuating racism need to be shot the fuck down, republican, democratic and politics aside…we don’t live in the 1800s anymore, Jews and Black people are allowed to vote and join country clubs, so get your fucking heads out of your fuckin’ dumb asses and focus on the fuckin’ issues.

It seriously makes me sad to see kids saying this kind of thing because you know they don’t know any better.

Don’t bother sending hate mail, I am not American and I do like McCain. I think he looks like a nice guy and Palin looks like a nice fuck, but that’s about all she’s worth, because she’s a repetitive puppet and she gives me a headache, so this post isn’t PRO-BAMA, it’s really supposed to be a commentary on these idiots in your nation, who make racial slurs on TV, and haven’t even hit puberty, and the real tragedy is how divided your country is……

Here’s the Obama Informercial…..He’s got nothin’ on the Sham Wow guy, or Suzanne Somers for thighs of steel or Jessica Simpson for Proactive, but i am posting it anyway…

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The Olsen Twin Haters of the Day

I guess these people don’t like the Olsen Twins because if they did I am sure they’d find better ways to spend their time and retract their publicity stunt to draw attention to the fact that the Olsen’s are down with fur, because it’s such a luxurious fabric for outerwear, underwear and even as blankets at your country hunting lodge. Sure the animals are skinned alive, and it’s a horribly cruel process to make a pelt, but it’s just a small price to pay for style, comfort and warmth.

These hippy motherfuckers need to chill the fuck out and worry about their vitamin B12 deficiency and their unshaved fur in their underwear, and maybe they could get a job, so that they don’t waste all of our time doing silly stunts during a work day, stalking the Olsen’s with messages that won’t change anything in their billionaire lives.

So while Mary Kate is out on drugs and Ashley is running their empire and the rest of us are sitting around in our underwear, struggling, these Peta motherfuckers are out making fools of themselves all in defense of their wrongfully treated animals. I know that these fuckers are just posers and don’t actually care. They just identify with a cause because it gives them a purpose, and they become obsessed with that cause, because it makes them feel like they are sincere, when in reality they’re forwarding these pictures to their family and friends to prove how committed they are because even their family and friends theink they are full of shit.

Don’t get me wrong, I love animals, I hate the idea of them getting hurt, because they are helpless and never really wrong humans, but I don’t really think about how cute they are when I am sitting down for a juicy burger, and no, I’m not referencing my wife’s pussy, even though it secretes brownish oily substances that smells like beef, because I never sit down and eat it. I mean an actual burger made from a slaughtered animal filling my belly proper.

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