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Heidi Range In a Dress She’s Too Old For of the Day

When I first saw these pics I thought this Heidi Range chick in some erotic looking cleavage dress, you know the kind you’d expect to find on a stripper for her last song of the set, the song that is all romantic and full of theatrics, dramatic cuz you know it ends with her showing a room full of me her pussy for free, or in hopes one will pay her to give him a lap dance….the kind of dress you see at the sex shop on discount, or on Halloweeen as a costume, but never on a bitch in her late 40s…unless she’s a swinger and freaky in her old age…..but it turns out she’s 28…so she’s not at all too old for this shit…if anything at her sexual prime and ready for this shit…especially considering how hard faced she is, making making think her UK almost famous popstar from being in Suagababes with Cheryl Cole ass, fucked a lot when she wasn’t in her sexual prime….or maybe she just got ravaged by cocaine….either way she’s not too old for this dress, I jumped the gun….and now I am gonna go jump my neighbor cuz she’s busty.

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Heidi Range Rocks a Bikini of the Day

Some average at best popstar from the band Sugarbabes in the UK was out in a bikini and was shameless pullin’ a Lohan by having her best friend undo her bikini top because it’s just so fuckin’ hard to reach it herself, then pulled a Miley by taking slutty pictures of each other posing in a pool for the boy she is seeing and it all went over pretty well with me, because I come from the school that all girls are into pussy and all girls and their best friends moderately dyke out and are in love with each other, I’m talking gentle touching and kissing and showering together, and checking out and comparing their naked bodies with each other but never fully embracing the double sided dildo and lesbianism, but still doing things that make their boyfriends’ masturbation fantasies more believable.. I don’t say that because it’s a fantasy, I say it cuz it’s the truth.

Speakin of fantasies, I decided to go to the rich part of town to see what rich girls look like in person. I walked into the coffee shop where they all hang out and this dude who I see in my neighborhood begging for change was sitting at a table reading Wall Street Journal and sipping expensive italian coffee. I was fuckin’ mad that I’ve been throwing quarters his way the last 4 years, thinking he was more hurting than me, and in all honesty was doing it for selfish reasons, like it made me feel good that someone was worse off than me and throwing money at him, even though it wasn’t much was probably the same feeling a rich person gets when they buy a Bentley with cash. So I go up to him and call the fucker out and it turns out motherfucker’s just a con artist from a rich family who panhandles for entertainment purposes and really lives in a big house and drives a nice car and it made me feel like a fuckin’ asshole, but the good news is that he gave me 20 dollars for always hookin’ him up and asked me to keep things on the downlow and I am really that inexpensive to win over…..

Here’s this Heidi bitch and her bikini.

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