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Pam Anderson Takes Her Hepatitis Snowboarding in Malibu of the Day

Pam Anderson brought was seen snowboarding with her kid in Southern California, because I guess California is obnoxious like that, you know in a “sure we don’t have snow in Malibu, but we do have rich people who can make anything happen here” kind of way, and she did it in a short skirt, that a few unlucky motherfuckers got to experience a hepatitis pussy first fucking hand and as hot or sexy as she once was, and how decent her body may be now when you plug in all factors of her age and addictions, a pussy that even the most seasoned pervert with a sex addiction dying of AIDS, rockin’ advanced stages of Hepatitis, ravaged by herpes on 40% of his body and crazed by syphilis wouldn’t want to touch….but I would….

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