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Some Model Named Catherine McNeil May Be a Heroin Addict of the Day

This girl is some 20 year old model from Australia who started modeling when she was 14. She is apparently a lesbian who is dating some MTV VJ I’ve never heard of and won’t bother looking up named Ruby Rose or some shit and these are supposed to be pictures of her “heroin” trackmarks.

This story has already been done, we’ve all seen the movie and read the wikipedia page, her name was GIA and Angelina Jolie got naked in the fucking movie.

I hate this cliche bullshit, it’s so typical, why can’t a model who gets paid to do pretty much nothing but sit around do something good with their life, like save AIDS babies instead of being so self involved and self absorbed that they become the AIDS babies who need saving thanks to dirty needles and homosex.

Who cares. She deserves to die for being such an idiot.

On a sidenote, it is very possible that these are just lesbian scatches or battle wounds from lesbian sex or lesbian fights or maybe it is from her pet cat who got overexcited when they were playing and that really changes the whole dynamic of this post, but I am down with the heroin in the fashion industry theory cuz it’s a better angle….so I’m sticking to it…

Here are some pics of her modeling….

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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