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Hilaria Baldwin Underwear Air Hump of the Day

Hilaria Baldwin is Alec Baldwin’s whore wife…who he met doing Yoga before buying her and knocking her up…making her his personal Yoga instructor in their penthouse apartment…which I am sure was a really hard sell…that she likely pretends was some spiritual connection…but we know bitch…you fucked the wallet with your flexible yoga pussy…and the wallet got addicted and now you have a family..

Which is good news for him, after seeing Ireland the disaster, not quite the famine revisited but just as devastating….it’s good to have second shot at things…she’s kind of a throwaway daughter, the test run, sample run, that you used as a reference point to not repeat the same mistakes with the kids you actual love and appreciate more and who don’t embarraass you…

All while your wife and baby momma humps the fucking air in panties….showing some of the yoga pussy moves that griped the celebrity wallet and just kept thrusting…you know doing kegels on his dick like getting a handjob from 30 pairs of mini hands…the way a pussy is meant to perform..none of that hotdog down the hallway shit you’d expect from all these instagram whores out there.

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Hilaria Baldwin’s Titties Babyless Weirdness of the DAy

Hilaria Baldwin bares her cleavage while out for some retail therapy

In case you don’t know who Hilaria Baldwin is, she’s the Yoga Instructer who got impregnated by Alec Baldwin, who I guess she offered flexibility that he just wanted to fuck, or maybe she offered him some spirituality, or refreshing outlook on life, to feed his psycho celebrity ego….you know the same reason Scientology exists, these lost motherfuckers looking for something different….

She’s Ireland Baldwin, lesbian with a black girl, who used to be with a guy she practically had sex with on social media, making me question her level of confused as being a celebirty kid…

Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 1.15.11 PM

Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 1.15.19 PM

Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 1.19.14 PM

But it probably isn’t as confused as a celebrity wife and mom, walking around with her big pregnant tits….with an empty stroller…because weird..keeps everyone on their toes…especailly when it comes with bendy big tits…so this is a glimpse into her seduction tactics….


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Hilaria Baldwin’s Pregnant Picture of the Day


I don’t like pregnant women, because I just think about how destroyed their vaginas probably are or soon will be, not to mention that whole freakish baby growing inside her like some parasitic alien, even though the human race depends on it….it still seems so fucking unnatural…

But I do like gold digging sugar babies, with amazing Yoga bodies and flexibility, who landed teaching yoga to Celebrities, who love Yoga because they have everything money can buy, and shit makes them think they are more spiritual or something equally obnoxious in their horribly disgusting lives…

I just figure, if you’re gonna show a motherfucker how flexbible you are, he might as well be some pervert rich guy, who can support your Yoga life of luxury, so that you can do Yoga on your own fucking terms around the world…

So this Hilaria Baldwin and her rockin’ body is fun to look at, even when pregnant with a Baldwin meal ticket….

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Hilaria Baldwin’s Ridiculous Yoga Poses of the Day

Hilaria Baldwin is the clever gold digger who came with a specific and marketable skill set, so that when she properly positioned herself for a celebrity clientele, pretty literally, positioned herself for a celebrity clientele, with her vagina in spandex doing things that are pretty much unheard of, things this rich guys had never seen before, and that these rich guys could pretend were for some kind of spiritual and health driven enlightenment, booking her for 2 sessions a day like she was some kind of prosti.

Meaning..she was the seductress who infiltrated the wallets of the rich using her flexibility and yoga expertise…but after creeping on her instagram…you’ll see exactly why Alec Baldwin came up inside her…right..

I don’t know why, but I guess like Alec Baldwin, her poses are weird, interesting, and something I want to fuck…here’s some recents pics I pulled from her instagram…

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Hilaria Baldwin is a Yoga Joker of the Day

Hilaria Baldwin is Alec Baldwin’s younger wife and baby momma, who I think he knocked up at a Yoga retreat because he’s Alec Baldwin and she’s a yoga instructor teaching Alex Baldwin, those poses coupled with his testosterone therapy just weren’t a good mix.

But in her quest to spiritually gold dig, she’s produced some interesting content around herself, it’s high concept and even artistic, involving her in yoga poses all over the place, like the yoga photobomb and whatever the fuck this is…it is impressive and I understand why motherfucker came in her, more importantly, I understand how she got pregnant, so in turn with her body that she can help coax the sperm to the egg through various stretches and holds…

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Hilaria Baldwin’s Instagram Pic of the DAy

So this is the reason Hilaria Baldwin is a Baldwin, with a Baldwin baby, who will have the best education available, rather than live in the one bedroom shitty apartment she once lived in, before becoming a Baldwin…Young and Nimble…

If I was an old, rich, fuck who has plowed through countless hot pussies, getting some of the pregnant a long the way…I’d figure this would be on my checklist when it comes to gold diggers…

It all makes sense.

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