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Some UK Hip Hop trash in See Through Pants of the Day

The UK is a funny place because when you hear a British person talk, you assume they are refined, classy, come from money, know about etiquette, and all that other bullshit that comes with sounding pretentious, but the reality is that the UK breeds some of the more serious trash out there. From Jordan Katie Price, to other garbage glamor models who look like their pussies smell like the cheese that trips off them, so I’m not too surprised seeing this bitch Tulisa from some band I’ve never heard of called N-Dubz showing off her fat ass in see thru pants and the only unfortunate thing in all this is that she was wearing panties, cuz I never turn down seeing a girl’s pussy no matter who she is or where she is from….

Here is their video that has 7,000,000 views cuz I guess they are a lot bigger than I thought…but it is still serious shit…

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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YouTube Video: The Senior Choir Does Hip Hop of the Day

Here’s some video that rolled through my inbox of some old people singing hip hop in the choir. I made it about a minute into the eminem song because their timing was all off and shit fucked with my brain in a weird way. I mean how fucking complicated is it to say the lines in unison when you are in a fucking choir. Isn’t that the whole fucking point of what you do with your soon to be lifeless body that hasn’t got anything fucking better to do with it’s time than to go to church bazzaars and bake cookies and shit for the kids down the street who try to avoid you because you smell like fucking moth balls, but yeah, they go into other hip hop songs and I am sure it’s funny, so watch it.

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LL Cool J Hump Dancing his White Slut Groupie at Sundance of the Day

Here are some pictures from LL Cool J performing at Sundance recently and as exciting as seeing some washed up rap superstar reliving the good old days like the time this hooker I knew decided to go back to work the streets 10 years after quitting, going back to some trade school and landing a normal job only to realize it sucked worse than sucking random cock for money….

The good news is that no matter how washed up you are, people are still willing to give you the love you once had, like that hooker still got dudes willing to pay for sex and LL Cool J still got a groupie bitch up on stage to grind with like he’s still got it.

Seeing these bitches who live shitty average lives, working shitty cubicle jobs with dreams of fame and a confidence in their body that comes from doing yogalates classes at the local YMCA so that they can sleep into lame low waisted jeans and a mid drift top to show off a lame hip tattoo they got when they were into guys who drive jeeps and wakeboard and listen to Blink 182 and tanning salon tan with just enough panty to distract us from how much of a cunt is while pretending to be Fergie.

Dreams do come true and it’s nice seeing knowing that all those wet t-shirt contests, weekly drunken club nights and hours watching hip hop videos only to make her own YouTube booty shake videos like all her friends have finally paid off and now bitch is making the internet rounds giving her to finally give her the right to tell her other slut friends how fuckin’ famous she is now, it’s a lot better than the time she told them how she went home with some DJ and got naked in the hot tub with 10 dudes before doing coke off one of their dicks and letting him cum on her face after a wild night of drinking.

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