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Samantha Gradoville and Holly Rose for Some Magazine of the Day

Samantha Gradoville is a model…who shows her tits when she’s not working for evil corporations who pay her a lot of money, but who don’t make her show off her tits, even though she is willing to show off her tits, because they are big box brands, and tits are bad for their mall dwelling audience….but at least the money doesn’t take her from her roots, and she still manages to show her tits, because the day she decides she doesn’t need to go topless to get ahead – is a day freedom has been attacked…like it was France…and this was a daily Satirical magazine that made jokes against Muslims…in what to the outsider who likes making fun of everything, just seems fucking horrible…but what isn’t horrible…are these tits…they get us through the hard and confusing times…unless those hard and confusing tines are dealing with our homosexuality, in which case…they don’t matter…but you get what I mean.

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