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Pheobe Price Clownin’ of the Day

This just in….Phoebe Price is a fucking joke. No wait…we already knew that….

Pics via Fame

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Shenae Grimes is a Fucking Idiot of the Day

People want to fuck Shenae Grimes, and now they may have hope because it turns out she’s a fucking idiot and everyone knows idiot girls are usually the easiest to bed. The paparazzi ask Shenae Grimes about John Travolta’s son’s death and she says “it’s amazing”, but have a feeling she means “it’s a shock” and not “amazing” like when her boyfriend pulls off a hard skateboard trick or some shit, and when they say the possibility that Scientology prevented him from getting the right treatment, she said “You guys are very political” tonight. Now I don’t know English that well, but I think she meant controversial and I guess it’s just another example of the inadequacy of tutors on TV sets robbing the kids of the high school experience by doing their tests for them, leaving them about as smart as a fucking eighth grade drop out, which works well in trying to exploit them and milk them for as much money as you can. I guess what it comes down to is that I’d expect this out of an American, I’ve seen Jay Walking on Jay Leno, but a Canadian making these kinds of mistakes is just embarrassing.

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