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Shenae Grimes Topless and Pregnant of the Day

shenae grimes topless and pregnant covering her nipples

The world has forgotten about Shenae Grimes because she wasn’t that compelling even when she was famous on the new 90210 with the McCord sisters…

It was a bootleg shot, for bootleg people, who will forever remain bootleg….

The only interesting thing about her is that she’s come out of the woodwork and produced some pregnancy photos that are boring, yet slutty, if you’re into pregnancy erotica..you know she’s diving deep into the dark fetishes….doing anything she can to stay around or relevant….It’s like doing comicon the smut version….

She is from Toronto, was on Degrassi, high school students in real life with Drake, maybe she sucked his dick…

I don’t know if she’s back in Toronto, tail between her legs because Hollywood hasn’t given her more chances.

I just know I haven’t seen this name ever….and it’s funny to reminisce knowing she thought she was a huge fucking deal at her peak….and based on the baby crawling inside her like a parasite….all down hill from here.



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Shenae Griemes in Panties for a Photoshoot of the Day

I don’t care for Shenae Grimes no matter how naked she is. I met her once, accidentally, and didn’t even notice her as someone I’d want to fuck, but instead I think I called her a fucking groupie of the mutual friend she was with, before being told she was a big bright star on the biggest load of shit TV show….90210 the next generation…but for some reason, everything looks better and more interesting when it is half naked….but in Shenae Grimes’ case…that’s still not all that interesting…

here are the pics.

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Shenae Grimes Shitty Upskirt on Set of the Day

I’ve met Shenae Grimes before and the funny thing was it was when she was at her peak and the 90210 thing was getting press before everyone realizeed what a horrible idea it was to bring back such a horrible thing…and I had no idea who she fucking was….that is her star power, the girl who managed to get on TV and no one fucking noticed….so now she’s panty flashing some panties that look like flesh colored bike shorts…you know the sexiest kind…hoping people will care…I appreciate this hustle….


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Shenae Grimes Covering Up Her Gunt of the Day

I met Shenae Grimes….I think it was a Canada thing, you know we all know each other…and the funny thing was that I had no idea it was her, or really who she was, in fact I think I called her a Groupie cunt, because she was latching on a guy I know, and only found out after that she was on some 90210 the next generation shit that should be cancelled….that said, we aren’t fans of each other, but I’d still fuck the shit out of her, you know with great vengeance for that glorious night….especially since she’s all swollen in the uterus, probably pregnant, I mean why else would she be rocking the body of a 45 year old woman….or maybe she’s just a little dumpy – who cares.

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Shenae Grimes Fat Useless GUNT of the Day

I call Shenae Grimes useless and I mean it. I had the misfortune of meeting useless Shenae Grimes last year….and I had no idea who she was until after I was told. I think I actually called her a groupie slut cuz she was with a guy I know who has a following….

So here is this Canadian nobody, who has gone all 90210 showing off her swollen gunt, I can only assume is pregnancy or laziness and trust me when I say…there is nothing hot about her at all. I’ve seen it first hand…

I just like reminding those 5 of you who know who she is and think she’s hot cuz she has a vagina.

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Shenae Grimes x DrunkenStepfather Story of the Day

A few months ago I hitchkiked to New York with a bunch of idiots who didn’t rape me and as I was wandering the streets I ran into a bunch of other idiots and amongst the idiots was some bitch who I got introduced to, but no one told me her name, I was wasted dude was just like “this is drunkenstepfather”, she gave me a bit of a dirty look and I was uninterested in her average at best face. I think I may have even called her a groupie and moved on….a few hours later …. the dude who I said she was a groupie of sends me an email and tells me that it was Shenae Grimes…So the next night I get taken out to dinner by some really busty girl who loves everything I do and I start telling the story, shit talking Grimey Grimes and talking about how she’s just a loser Canadian trash, clown of a bitch, trying to get ahead who will be forgotten in 6 months and I look up, and there’s the she is, sitting at the table next to me, giving me more dirty looks….So I pretty much got busted talking behind this bitch’s back, in front of her back…and she did nothing about it…

Cuz celebs have no spines, they say us bloggers won’t say shit about them to their face, and that we are just jealous, but that’s elementary psychology that the real issue is these people just want our fucking acceptance, and can’t grasp why we have so much hate towards them. That’s my theory and I’m sticking to it.

And this is Shenae Grimes. Average at best…..who may or may not be my soul mate, since we crossed paths in a big city twice in 24 hours…you just never know…but I fucking hope not…cuz she sucks.

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Shenae Grimes in My New Friend I Hate of the Day

I was introduced to Shenae Grimes this weekend….only no one told me she was Shenae Grimes…I had no idea it was Shenae Grimes…partially because I don’t even really know who Shenae Grimes is.

I just thought she was some ugly looking drunken trash lookin’ for a dude to go home with cuz her broke ass needed a bed to sleep in, but when bisexual Jared Leto showed up and carted her away someone told me who the broke ass party girl was…..and I was surprised anyone knew her, but not surprised no one seemed to care when they were sitting with her.

She was not only annoying looking, but also ugly…and if I wasn’t told who she was, I wouldn’t have had any fucking clue…because the Shenae Grimes I hear people talking about is one who gets press for being hot and seriously, I saw her twice and the only thing hot about her is that one day she will die….it may not be today, but it is a guarantee that I like about her…other than that she fucking sucks and has a stupid fucking name….unless she is black…in which case shit’s perfectly fucking normal…Here are her pics…

The more interesting news is that Carmen Electra was at the same event, making shit hotter than it was a few seconds ago when this post was about the peasant from Canada who sucked the right dick and fell through the cracks and onto TV, when she should of probably been better suited to work the cash at Blockbuster…

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Shenae Grimes is Not Hot Even When Showing Off Bra of the Day

I unfortunately live in Canada, the home of the 2010 Olympic games, which you may know about, because if you were like me and drinking your face off in a bar last night you would have seen that Figure Skating has got a lot more faggot that it used to be.

Sure, figure skating was always pretty fucking faggot and a solid 90% of men involved in the sport were taking it in the ass and mouth on their spare time and the other 10% were just victims to really controlling mother’s who wanted a daughter but God spited them and they weren’t going to let that get in the way of their figure skating dream, but now the 90% of the guys who are gay, are real fuckin’ gay, I’m talking Adam Lambert getting fucked by a twink in pantyhose gay….

Not that that matters, but Shenae Grimes is Canadian and when the bitch got her gig in 90210 the Canadian media ate her the fuck up and I never got it, I thought bitch was ugly, so lucky for me, 90210 gave us AnnaLynne McCord to distract from this Shenae everyone loved, despite her stupid name, so when I saw these pictures, I had to to post the shit cuz she’s fuckin’ ugly no matter how much fancy lingerie she teases with…

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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Shenae Grimes Does Asian Lesbians of the Day

I know Shenae Grimes is someone who really doesn’t matter and I’m not one of those faggots in a “Roots” sweater with a Canada flag tattooed on my chest who has Canadian pride in any way, which I think is the only valid reason anyone should be talking about her or her stint in the USA on the shittiest concept of a show ever, I just thought it was funny watching her get man-handled by some big dyke asian chick who overpowered her, you know for the sake of sexual fantasies, if big dyke asian chicks are your thing….and that’s all I have to say about that, because let’s face it I’ve said too much….

Pics via Bauer

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The 90210 Trash in Their Bikinis of the Day

It is thanksgiving today and I give thanks that 90210 will be soon be off the air, these girls will be out of work, desperate and turning to seedier roles and until that happens, 90210 will do all they can to get viewers including throwing the cast into bikinis, giving us a taste of what’s to come….
Here is Annalynne McCord and Jessica Lowndes in the Bikins…

Jessica Stroup One Piece

Shenae Grimes Sex Scene

Shenae Grimes Bikini Top….

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