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Shenae Grimes Does Asian Lesbians of the Day

I know Shenae Grimes is someone who really doesn’t matter and I’m not one of those faggots in a “Roots” sweater with a Canada flag tattooed on my chest who has Canadian pride in any way, which I think is the only valid reason anyone should be talking about her or her stint in the USA on the shittiest concept of a show ever, I just thought it was funny watching her get man-handled by some big dyke asian chick who overpowered her, you know for the sake of sexual fantasies, if big dyke asian chicks are your thing….and that’s all I have to say about that, because let’s face it I’ve said too much….

Pics via Bauer

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Lindsay Lohan Introduces her New Immigrant Pusssy of the Day

I know the only lesbians people care about today is the Mom from Family Ties, even though she’s lost all sex appeal she might have had, you know with being old as fuck. The deal with later-in-life lesbians is that they are tired of dealing with men, especially after 3 failed marriages and all prospects are out fucking younger pussy, and their hormones are all out of whack thanks the menopause, you know the whole transition from woman to androgynist equipped with more testosterone than any of you motherfuckers….

But I still have a soft spot in my panties for Lohan even though she’s dying, her career is dead and she had to go to some third world country to pick up the kid she used to sponsor named Calle Lourdes Demar, because she’s the only girl willing to give Lohan any love or attention even though she is ugly as fuck….and here she is with her big reveal as she introduces her new pussy to her bodyguard, which to Lohan is like introducing her to her family, because her family is too busy being self absorbed and fucked up to care….

Pics via Bauer

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How About Some More Lohan Ronson of the Day

Here’s another video of Lohan and Ronson shopping. I don’t really know why I am bothering posting it, but it kinda made me laugh, not because they follow Ronson around where she tells them they are following the wrong person, or because they confuse her for not being a Jew and ask how her Christmas shopping is going, and not because some New York accent screams out of no where at Lohan asking “How’s your fawtha?”, completely out of fucking context, but I guess trying to either rub in the fact that she has no relationship with her dad, or that she’s got major daddy issues, or maybe he has no idea they are estranged and have issues, or maybe he just likes being an asshole, but because they ask Ronson if she’s had the Ronson shake and Ronson’s got know idea hat they are talking about, but probably assumed they were asking about one of Lohan’s bedroom tricks, but she laughs it off when she realizes that it’s the Milkshake Paparazzi guy trying to push his shit on the people he exploits…Either way, I guess the whole thing really wasn’t all that funny, so I’ll leave you some Asian dude singing Touch My Body because it’s amazing.

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The Tatu Lesbians Perform in their Panties of the Day

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Lesbians are so popular today that I figured I’d post these probably old pictures of TATU, the leaders of the lesbian movement who aren’t even lesbians and actually have husbands and babies but like all college girls, realized dyking out gets publicity and publicity sells records and selling records means no more Russian rationed bread.

If only homosexuality worked out as well for you, but I guess since you just hate chicks and have repressed homosexual fantasies and jerk off to the dick in porn and not the chick but are too scared to come to terms with and live out, that doesn’t really make you gay…right?

Keep tellin’ yourself that homo.

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I am – Girls Gone Wild Girls Give Their Consent then Sue Joe Francis Videos of the Day


So my link to this didn’t work last time…..These girls are suing Joe Francis for being party sluts who make out with each other topless on Camera for him, saying they didn’t give consent. Reality is that they did give their full consent and he decided to go public with the videos because Girls are attention craving idiots…who only realize what they are doing after they’ve done it.

I don’t know what it is but this shit happens all the fucking time. I guess the majority of girls are insecure and feel like guys wanting to fuck them is a sign of how desirable they are or some shit, or they realize that they have tits and that their tits are enough to make dudes give them the time of day, and showing them off will put them on the map and lead to better things. Maybe they are just having a good time and are hormonally charged and shit’s a fantasy to them, like it makes them come across as a sexually powerful girl like the pornstars their boyfriends jerk off to, because girls are competitive and think that because we jerk off to porn, we want our chicks to be pornstars. They don’t realize that we just want them to be pornstars in the bedroom.

I am into this exhibitionist party slut shit because I am a pervert and because it’s funny, but I’d never respect a chick who does this kind of thing, and I’d always just look at her as a dumb attention craving whore and manipulate that shit to work in my favor, like threesomes and shit like that. They are no different than a hooker or a stripper or whatever other than that they are stupider than them because they don’t make money doing their stupid slut things. I am way more into girls who are solid and invite you into their pants after you put work into them instead of just throwing their vagina’s at me. Like I said, I am a walking contradiction and as funny as this Girls Gone Wild shit is, and as funny as getting girls flash me or do things that no self-respecting chick would ever do, I’d just never fall for this kind of trash, but I’d probably fuck it, with a condom on.

I sometimes make my wife show her tits to my friends, but only because that shit’s like National Geographic. They are so big and disgusting that it’s one of nature’s great mysteries and we’re strictly doing it for science, I also get off on watching her fuck black guys. But that’s a whole other story.

Watch the Clips of These Sluts in Action

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