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The Tatu Lesbians Perform in their Panties of the Day

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Lesbians are so popular today that I figured I’d post these probably old pictures of TATU, the leaders of the lesbian movement who aren’t even lesbians and actually have husbands and babies but like all college girls, realized dyking out gets publicity and publicity sells records and selling records means no more Russian rationed bread.

If only homosexuality worked out as well for you, but I guess since you just hate chicks and have repressed homosexual fantasies and jerk off to the dick in porn and not the chick but are too scared to come to terms with and live out, that doesn’t really make you gay…right?

Keep tellin’ yourself that homo.

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Tatu Naked in Their Video of the Day

Tatu are those Russian pop stars from awhile ago who decided to dyke out on stage to gain popularity and escape the iron fist of communist rule. I was hanging with a couple ugly Jewish girls who I met at the bar I was at last night and the fat one seemed pretty horny. She kept talking about how she’s never eat pussy but would and then went on and on about how good she is at suckin’ dick. She was trying to piss off her ex-boyfriend by acting flirty with me. I would have never gone for it because despite not having standards, I just wasn’t feelin her desperation for cock and that coupled with her busted face and body grossed me out. It turned out that these two girls were cousins and I thought it would be funny that while in their drunken state, I made them make out with each other since they were already pretty touchy feely. They were about to bite before realizing all the levels of wrong that touched on and instead called me a sick fuck and avoided me the rest of the night.

Either way, this is their new video where one of them gets naked.

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