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Lindsay Lohan Introduces her New Immigrant Pusssy of the Day

I know the only lesbians people care about today is the Mom from Family Ties, even though she’s lost all sex appeal she might have had, you know with being old as fuck. The deal with later-in-life lesbians is that they are tired of dealing with men, especially after 3 failed marriages and all prospects are out fucking younger pussy, and their hormones are all out of whack thanks the menopause, you know the whole transition from woman to androgynist equipped with more testosterone than any of you motherfuckers….

But I still have a soft spot in my panties for Lohan even though she’s dying, her career is dead and she had to go to some third world country to pick up the kid she used to sponsor named Calle Lourdes Demar, because she’s the only girl willing to give Lohan any love or attention even though she is ugly as fuck….and here she is with her big reveal as she introduces her new pussy to her bodyguard, which to Lohan is like introducing her to her family, because her family is too busy being self absorbed and fucked up to care….

Pics via Bauer

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