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Amanda Seyfried Gets Intimate with a Dog of the Day

I made the mistake of posting clips of the Amanda Seyfried sex scene with Julianne Moore yesterday because bitch pretty much blew up my fucking servers.

My site hardly works now and I got a bill from my host for 1000 dollars just for the fucking day, that I am not going to pay because I don’t make 1000 dollars off the site a month, let alone in a fucking day and even if I did make 1000 dollars a month, I’d rather spend that shit on booze than keeping the site alive, not that it matters….

So that means that after 6 fucking years of this bullshit, Amanda Seyfried officially brought down DrunkenStepfather.com. No one before he has had that power, not even when I was the first to post sex tapes, so I may have to close-up after all these years cuz of clips of this cunt.

I’d fucking sue the bitch if the clips weren’t stolen, which pretty much kills any case I might have had…..not to mention, I don’t have a lawyer or know how to reach her people, because if I did, I wouldn’t be typing this, I’d be trying to figure out a way to sneak into her house so that I could hide in her closet and watch her get down to business with her dog….like I need to see how hot and heavy they get together…because she’s one of those girls you see your friends throw their life away to marry, only in this case, she’s got actual sex appeal and isn’t just a mechanism for him to not feel like a lonely loser anymore….

Either way, here she is loving her dog….

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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