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Isabelli Fontana in a Bikini of the Day

Once an exhibitionist slut, always an exhibitionist slut….Isabelli Fontana, an older model who I think go famous for being a 16 year old lingerie model for Victoria’s Secret, because Victoria’s Secret are fucking creeps, yet no one seems to really get mad at them for their creepy ways…they just buy their panties made in china….

Well, she’s still exhibiting herself for attention and it looks good, all bikini clad…

I like to think she does it so I can just stare at her half naked body and cross reference it o my wife’s nude body…..usually when she’s getting out of her bath….forcing me to try to understand how the fuck they are the same species, gender or breed of animal.

It almost makes no sense, I’ve see animals that look more like my wife than this…mainly pigs…and I can’t quite figure out who the freak of nature is, this Isabelli Fontana babe, or the babe pig in the city I married…

The say they are both human woman….but I just can’t believe they can be the same category….it’s some alien shit.

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Isabelli Fontana for Morena Rosa Beach of the Day

Isabelli Fontana is some old Brazilian model who has been in the game for a long time….her most important work being lingerie modelling for Victoria’s Secret at 16, letting the world know Victoria’s Secret, the evil empire, is built on perversion, no matter how hard they photoshop out the nipples and pussy definition in their catalogs for their Christians….

Here she is at 30, still looking good, even though she’s a mom and 30…modelling bikinis…

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