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Guess the Ginger Ass in a One Piece of the Day


Her name is Isla Fisher. She’s 40. She’s Australian. She’s ginger….which means that her pubic hair, assuming she has pubic hair, because most ginger’s think their orange pubic hair is a flaw, and when I was 15, I would agree with them, not because I don’t like bush, I’ve always loved bush, I just found it creepy when it glowed in the dark, was neon as fuck, but then I grew up and realized, I should have taken advantage of all the GINGERS who were alienated like it was the era of killing your ginger baby because you thought it was a demon from hell – that you’d be forced to exile…I’ve seen Willow. I know how it works.

THAT SAID…She’s the vagina that Sacha Baron Cohen has made babies with since 2008 – 6 years after they first connected – she was born in Oman…so don’t let her GINGER pussy make you think she’s not a terrorist…even if she converted to Jewish to be with Sacha Baron Cohen….and spent 3 years doing it…jews….am I right…

We don’t like 40 year old ass, but this is a fake tabloid – so let’s document it….and really after three kids – asses shouldn’t look like this…


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Isla Fisher Panty Flash of the Day

The wind is our friend. Isla Fisher, not so much. I mean bitch obviously didn’t get the memo that you’re not supposed to wear underwear with your little flimsy skirt that the wind can easily blow up…you know to keep it sexy..unless you have your period in which case you can wear underwear…even though I like the tampon string…it’s a sign of fertility, a wet pussy, a horny girl, and not pregnant….but make the underwear just a little sexier than this old lady, cotton, full bottomed shit that might as well be pants…

I like when the wind collaborates with us, if the girl involved with being exposed by the wind, is collaborating with us too, otherwise, shit just ends up confusing…like whatever is going on here..

Side note, I have no idea who Isla Fisher is…

To See the REst of the Pics CLICK HERE

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Isla Fisher Hot White Bikini Bottoms of the Day

The first time I saw a white bikini in action and fell in love with all it had to offer was probably 15 year ago…and it involved my friends sister getting out of the pool…standing over me to offer me a drink for a solid 5 minutes….fully exposed, trimmed pussy where I could see her fucking labia and luxurious bush… as if she was fucking naked….because the shit was totally through…..and she had no idea….

So now, everytime I see a white bikini, I get excited for the same kind of experience…and although I am older, desensitized, not as perverted or eager to see pussy cuz I see so much of it daily….I still look closely when a white bikini pops up…and here’s Isla Fisher, some actress I don’t know, showing some ass crack, which in Greece is the main vagina…but here just a tease of what I’m missing and that’s the shot from the front…

Still hot though..wouldn’t mind being the dude behind her sniffin’ her ass…true story.


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Isla Fisher Showing Off Some Bra of the Day

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Here is Ali G’s baby momma showing off a little bra. I know these are some lame pictures and redheads are pretty much never hot and always freak me the fuck out with their pale skin and super strength from genetic evolution caused from a history of survival because in the middle ages redheaded babies were left out in the woods to fend for themselves because their parents thought they were the spawn of the devil and cursed and the gene was carried forward by the babies who survived by fighting off the elements and crazed animals of the wilderness while breast feeding off stray dogs and doin’ what they had to do to be around today. I guess the commitment is worth celebrating, and what better way than to post a picture of a redhead who just had a baby to help carry on the gene that’s already been through such a rough history and faced extinction, kinda like the Jews back in Nazi Germany, only my redhead theory actually happened at least according to me it did and that’s enough for me to claim it as fact, while the holocaust is just hearsay.

Either way, enjoy her exposed bra, like I enjoyed some fat trashy and poor 15 year old who was wearing some backless number the other day that exposed her bra. Her ass was fat and her pants were pink, her hair was half blonde and half brunette and her tits were hanging out of her shirt and I can only assume she was on her way to see her black boyfriend and found satisfaction knowing she’d be pregnant in the next 6 months, because being a slut starts with how much of your bra you are showing, it’s another proven fact that isn’t proven nor fact but is truth according to me.

* Access to material has been disabled in compliance with DMCA *

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Isla Fisher’s One Piece Bathing Suit of the Day

Looks like my site’s been hacked again. For some reason when people land on it they are re-directed to the Game Show Network corporate site. I don’t know what the fuck is going on but I do know that I blame some virgin with computer skills who got offended cuz i called his girlfriend a slut and by girlfriend i mean a celebrity he thinks he is dating because he watches all her DVDs over and over and has photoshopped himself in every paparazzi shot he can find of her and printed them up and put them in frames around his house.

I get really frustrated with the constant hacking, I get it, you don’t like me, you think I am offensive, I hurt your feelings and go against things you stand for and you think I deserve to be taught a lesson, but no lesson is taught, it just proves that you have better computer skills than me and it’s not going to put an end to what I do, what does put an end to what I do, is if you stop coming to the site and stop reading it, it’ll be like I don’t really exist anymore and that’s a lot cooler than your vigilante nerd shit that just causes minor headaches for my hosting company, and reminds me that the internet is still a place for fucking losers, like it was designed to be…..

What doesn’t cause headaches is Isla FIsher in a one-piece bathing suit doing gymnastics for Borat and their baby, because she knows as a new mother bouncing back into shape, it’s best to keep that stretch-marked mess of your stomach covered up….now if only she covered up that vagina when having unprotected sex with Borat, because the world didn’t need to be polluted with another Borat, there are enough of those assholes still bars and still quoting his movie when approaching girls like shit didn’t hit theaters 2 fuckin’ years ago…and to my amazement, girls still laugh at the shit and take off their panties for that shit and is just another reminder that I suck at life because I just can’t conform to that garbage.

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