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Jack Nicholson’s Daughter is in a Bikini of the Day

Jack Nicholson’s daughter is also in the jailbait bikini movie that I think the producers knew would be a success because dudes are perverts but masked it as a story of a girl who lost her teenage bikini clad arm by a shark while surfing to keep the Christian groups off their pervert backs….because I can guarantee if I produced my teenage bikini movie I’d end up arrested and not even because of the sedatives I was feeding the teenage runaways I cast for th parts…but because society frowns on that shit….

That said, Lorraine Nicholson is actually in her final tennage year and turns 20 in a few months, so she’s not illegal, especially not here since 16 is Canada’s cut off date, but if you are American you can still fantasize about buying her alcohol illegally before having your way with her, because you like this whole being bad and breaking the law for pussy thing…….

I guess the real question everyone is asking themselves is how could she have possibly got this high profile role with no real acting experience…or maybe no one is askin that because they are too busy checking out her bikini body, especially since it’s pretty obvious she is nothing without her dad, who is a Hollywood legend and riding his coat tails and writing her name in BOLD for the audition only makes sense, I mean if she even had an audition, because all it really takes is for her dad to make a phone call thanks to nepotism…makin’ nepotism my new porn….

Here is her thick but good body before losing her mind and developing a complex that makes her a trashy slut with daddy issues and addiction, pretty much turning into a Lohan and the good news is that she’s flashing a little bald pubic area which I guess is a foreshadowing what’s to come….

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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