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Jennifer Aniston’s Bikini Top of the Day

I am torn, not porn, I am never porn, but I am good at making things that aren’t porn into porn, thanks to extreme perversion that I would call sex addiction, if my wife actually cared that I fuck hookers, even though I’m old and at the stage of no more boners, so I don’t need to fuck hookers, but if I did, I’d blame sex addiction…it seems so official, like an actual disease or ailment…one we can ALL hope they make a vaccine for…or in ELON’s CASE…a chip for your brain so you can cum on command, making every job interview more fun, but also more predatory….

ANYWAY…I am torn, because I hate celebrating or endorsing old ladies pretending to be young ladies, while being old ladies, because I don’t find old ladies hot….there is a reason 40+ magazine was a FETISH mag and not every porn mag back when porn mags ran the show….

BUT I am not torn that there’s a straight up, creeeper paparazzi shot of this old lady, you may know her as the hard nipples on Friends that made Sitcoms really matter because we didn’t all have access to the porn mags that ran the show back then…..

In a world of selfies that trick people into thinking the model or influencer or loser is being more “real”…I’ll always take the INVASIVE paparazzi pics, because they are more fun….

I like celebrities to be UNTOUCHABLE, like disgusted by the simpletons that make-up their fan base, when pretending to appreciate them.

That’s the CELEBRITY hierarchy that should EXIST…even as the celebrity ROTS….plus Aniston, is not as obnoxious with her plastic surgery procedures as the other old ladies, so she sort of looks her near granny age, only she’ll never be a GRANNY, she was too career oriented to get knocked up, so she’ll have to die alone or buy babies on the black market….or maybe just buy a clone that she’ll probably love harder than an actual kid, since it will b all her….a PRODUCT for single NARCISSISTS… maybe something ELON should be working on instead of that evil AI transhumanism anti-god shit….

Back in January, she posted this out of shower, towel selfie, unaware of the TOWELDROP trend I’ve seen around….but at least she doesn’t look like an overly filtered, Augmented Reality Avatar version of herself, as her skin looks it’s age…like it should…and that should be celebrated…

This is her getting her hair done last year, because you can see what could be her cock if you look hard enough….I just googled HER birthday because I can’t count the rings on her labia like I normally like to do when aging old ladies…and it turns out it is February 11th, 1969….Old enough to have been to WOODSTOCK…..the ORIGINAL one…which also means she’s turning 53 in 3 days….DAMN girl…or should I say….ONCE A GIRL, NOW TWO YEARS FROM 10% DISCOUNTS at the PHARMACY…..not necessarily the hottest age to be, but discounts or cash savings are exciting for the broke of us….

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Jennifer Aniston’s Weird Pregnant Smartwater Ad of the Day

I didn’t bother watching this, but I figured, Shit, Smartwater doesn’t pay me, why don’t I give them free exposure, cuz I like corporations fucking me up the ass, usually without a condom, all because they waved a clever little tactic in front of my retard face, like booking some old as fuck actress, in a belly shirt, showing off a fake pregnant belly…..marketing is so powerful…it’s like they’ve got me ball my fucking balls…

Fuck you Smartwater and fuck you Jennifer Aniston for not giving up you 45 year old fuck.

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