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Jennifer Morrison Dumpy Ass at the Billboard Awards of the Day

I am not gonna bother looking up Jennifer Morrison…I am going to just assume she’s important enough to get invited to the Billboard Music Awards and delusional enough to think her ass his hot enough to wear a dress that is more of a pair of ill-fitting underwear….allowing her ass to squeeze out of it in some weird ways that I’m not against…in fact that I endorse…because I’ll stare at even the most lumpy bitch trying to be sexy…exposing herself to the masses…so that we remember who she is….In fact I am a fan of this kind of behavior…even if she looks like a mom at the pool….not really my favorite thing…but good enough to stare at and try to masturbate to.


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Naya Rivera, Jennifer Morrison, Clare Bowen, Christa Miller Nude for Allure of the Day

They are nude – but they might as well be clothed, because I can’t see spread asshole or labia, so it doesn’t fucking count, but I guess the less desensitized virgin motherfuckers and Arabs, will see all this skin, and get excited their favorite girl from TV is naked, despite not being able to see any of the parts that make her naked, but who is naked, as technicality cuz she’s not in fucking clothes….

To me, it just reminds me of this girl I dated with a meaty pussy, who was ashamed of her meaty pussy, and who I think used to tuck her meaty pussy into herself, because everytime we’d have sex she’d run to the bathroom, not to mention, she also wore maxi pads every fucking day and when I asked her way, she said cuz it was like a pillow for her pussy, which was almost as weird as the fact that despite fucking her, I never saw her pussy. She didn’t like being eaten out, she’d let me finger her and fuck her, but the second we were done, pants were on. It fucked with my mind, because I was like “i fuck this girl, but I’ve never seen her twat”….

Only this is the nude modeling version.

For those of you who don’t know these girls – Naya Rivera is on Glee, Jennifer Morrison was on House, is on Once Upon a Time, Christa Miller is on Cougar Town and thank god she’s not Courtney Cox and Clare Bowen is on Nashville….

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Jennifer Morrison Bikini Gut of the Day

Her name is Jennifer Morrison and these are some pictures of her this last weekend in a bikini because I guess she wasn’t invited to any Oscar parties, because the industry doesn’t know who she is either. So instead of staying at home crying about it, she decided to show us all how she can afford a trip tot he beach with all the money she makes being on the show House. Unfortunately, instead of showing us up, she showed us how bad of a body she has. So unfortunately for her, I am not posting these pictures for you to jerk off to and to help her establish a new perverted fan base, I am posting them to inspire her to go on a fuckin’ diet and take up working out. My theory is that if you want to be on TV, you’ve gotta have the body for it, because if I wanted to see a bitch who looks 2 months pregnant, I’ll just stick to hanging outside the abortion clinic, because I know that those sluts are easy.

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