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Some Slut Named Jerri Byrne Naked of the Day

Her name is Jerri Byrne, she’s some UK Glamour Model, they seem to have a lot of big breasted sluts willing to get naked for money, maybe it’s because Jordan’s insane success for being a half naked busty chick inspires them to do the same, or maybe it is because it’s the only way to become famous there, but I think it’s probably because finding a girl worth fucking in England is a challenge, since they are all pasty, grey skinned, bad teeth, unhealthy fat chicks with no style, so when when of these pieces of trash comes along Page 3, FHM and all the other “lad mags” milk them for all their tits are worth and the public responds well, because they work in factories, they live in shitty houses and their lives are spent drunk because they hate their orange haired, bad teeth, grey skinned, lazy wives, and these girls provide hope of a better tomorrow.

Either wy, I’ve never heard of her, but there are too many of these UK bitches to keep track of, and despite having the Queen on our money here in Canada, and having posted a whole bunch of these slags, and the fact that I use the word salg, that’s about as UK as I get.

Some site sent in these exclusive nude shots of this girl, that I doubt are exclusive, so I decided to post them for you because I like naked chicks with fat tits.

Here’s a video of her doing an FHM Shoot for the fuck of it….

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