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Jerry Springer Funny Video of the Day

I didn’t realize that Jerry Springer was still on TV since I don’t have a TV, but it is.

This segment is about some dude who picked up a girl on the internet and somewhere along the way decided to meet her on the Springer show. Something anyone with a brain would know is a bad idea and not going to end in happiness, but instead with end in a brawl….in this case, fueled by the fact the chick turned out to be born a man, so he did what he had to do and tried to beat her up, but she ended up having some serious monkey skills and jumped all over the fucking place…..clearly staged but definitely funny….

I can’t help but love this shit because it still makes me laugh like it did 10 years ago, I am sure I would hate my life if I was Jerry Springer, because seeing this daily would get fucking depressing, but it is fucking ridiculous and I need tickets to be in the audience of this show before my die, shit is on my Bucket List….

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Some Jerry Springing with Some Ugly Chicks in Ugly Lingerie of the Day

Here are some pictures of Jerry Springer with the girls of Chicago. I guess he’s in the play or something and I’d call him a lucky guy but these whores are busted. You’d think they’d be able to land some decent pussy and not something less appealing than the hair pulling, pregnant, one toothed fat, dripping vagina crack addicted stripper trash Springer is used to.

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