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Jesse Metcalfe from Desperate Housewives Gets Punched in the Face Video of the Day

I am the kind of guy who says inappropriate shit at bars all the time and I am usually too drunk to fight back so I just end up looking like this Jesse Metcalfe bitch after he gets punched in the face only I’ve never really gone down no matter how drunk I’ve been or how hard I’ve been hit. I have had fractured sinuses and noses and I have a numb spot in the top of my forehead from a time a bouncer 4 times my size took out his 10 dollar an hour rage on my face because I tried sneaking a pitcher of beer out of the bar when they were kicking me out for something I did but don’t remember doing because I wasted…..I guess the funniest thing about this is that Jesse Metcalfe girl fight is that these dudes spend so much time in the gym to get their muscles and six-packs but are still fucking pussies when it comes down to it. So the designer gloved pretty boy who is pretending to be a gangster by defending Taryn Manning’s honor when he should really be helping her by giving her acting lessons, hits Jesse Metcalfe in the face. I bet things get awkward when they run into each other at the beauty salon to get their manicures, fake tans and nails done…..

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