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Jessie James Decker Tribute to her Ass in a Bikini of the Day

Jessie James Decker posted up a really emotional and heart felt commentary about her ass:

No squats on left vs squats and heavy weights and eating more protein on the right… the left is after Bubby and the right is yesterday (6/12 months after giving birth to Forrest) I am not quite at my goal yet but I’m getting close! I have to be honest even though I was 10 lbs lighter on the left I prefer my body on the right.

Now I don’t know who Jessie James Decker is, the only Jesse James I know is a Cowboy, and the only Jesse Jane I know was a porn star who may still be a porn star…

But I do know I can respect any woman with 3,000,000 followers, who claims to be a country singer, all redneck with good old fashioned family values, like she’s Dollywood, while still being white trash….posting a tribute to her ass for her fans.

It’s very fucking weird…but I guess a thick ass is important to a woman who used to fuck Reggie Bush in 2010 after Kim K…you know those Kim Kardashian fuckers and their love for ass….that may have given her Kim Kardashian level AIDS….but is now with Eric Decker – a white guy – because once you go black athlete you can still go white athlete because they all shower and fuck each other in the lockerrooms…there is no color…just dick on dick….Sports are queer.

She has 3 kids with the white guy, the first one just 8 months and 3.5 weeks after their marriage…

Wholesome whores are the best whores…it makes their whore intentions less whore-ish….

Here’s more of her bikini…


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