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Jim Belushi’s Wife in a Bikini of the Day

You know what the world is missing…more Jim Belushi coverage. I did used to watch that According to Jim bulushit, it was on 3 times a day around 5 years ago when it first hit nd I only had one channel, but I did want to fuck the wife on the show, but that was a different era.

I heard recently that this shit is still on the air, which I found shocking, because it was pretty shitty back then and can only be a lot shittier now, but I guess a lot of blue collar, suburban people can relate. have a hard time believing that anyone would waste their time watching it, and that it’s just hanging on a fucking thread, but I am pretty sure that’s the basis of his career, you know trying to shine in his brother’s shadow.

I guess what I am trying to say is that along with his wife on his show, I’d also fuck his real life wife, so I guess the jokes on us and this motherfucker’s living the life since you can always tell a man’s success by the size of his gut and the tightness of his wife’s body…

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