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Jodie Sweetin Meth Titties of the Day

There was a time when Jodie Sweetin was just a broken child star from Full House who filled the void after Full House was over with some solid meth addiction, you know the majority of the press she got in her 20s and maybe even part of her 30s was about how much of a fucking crackhead she was….and it made me laugh, but would have been far more impressive if she was actually toothless and filled with scabs from scratching the “bugs” off her as meth addicts do….unfortunately she was way too middle class of a meth addict….and then the whole revival thing happened and next thing you know, she’s back on FULL HOUSE….reconnecting with the fans with her ONE and ONLY character….Stephanie Tanner….

Well here are her big tits that were once impressive on her small frame, but now that she’s 40, big tits aren’t all that impressive…it means sloppy titties…still fun but oftentimes nasty…especially when they were once meth tits you could probably fuck for a baggy of meth….if anything…her recovery is a downer, she could have been a Maitland Ward.

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Stephanie Tanner Big Meth Mom Tits on Set of the Day

Stephanie Tanner Big Meth Mom Tits on Set

Stephanie Tanner is on the comeback, from failed child star no one gave a fuck about – to Meth Addict who did the circuit of low level talk shows to talk about her struggles as a child star no one cared about – to having the choice of going back to meth and using them tits to get her that meth money – or to marry a cop and eventually go back to the acting game after a bunch of kids – to use those tits for casting couches – not that she needs casting couches, she’s a 90s child star and not all 90s child stars end up like prostitute Maitland Ward…some just ride off the irony, the kitsch factor, the who the fuck cares, she’s a mom in her mid 30s from Meth Tits to Straight to Netflix tits…they are still tits….I just prefer when they stay fallen off – this comeback shit annoys me…stay BROKE and broken you peaked girl…

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Jodie Sweetin Ex Meth Addict in Maxim of the Day


What the fuck is this all about Stephanie Tanner – the busty mom – and her big tits stripping down half naked like she’s got it going on in her 30s…because in her 20s, she was addicted to meth, spending all the full house money getting high, while the kids were at daycare or some shit, but more interestingly while DJ Tanner was out doing weirdo Christian missions, because all child stars are broken, addicts, who need saving…some just choose Jesus…while others have a little more fun with it…

She’s back, her tits still huge, and I guess this is better than her being found dead during a relapse, you know second wind, second life, living the dream that was taken away from her when the show went off the air – leaving her with nothing….

But it’s not better than her being a drug addicted hooker you can afford to bang….because paying Stephanie Tanner for sex so she can afford her next hit would be something I’d save 100 bucks to do…just for the story….we’ll have none of that though because she managed that drug addiction…and if she relapsed she’s almost too old for the kind of crackwhorin’ I’d be into..

That said, She did Maxim…

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