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Jordyn Woods See Through of the Day

Jordyn Woods See Through

Jordyn Woods is some rich trash from LA that grew up with Kylie Jenner and only exists because of her affiliation with the garbage Kardashians. She’s part of that “be famous for nothing”….”be hot even though I’m not”….sexualize the fuck out of yourself so people who don’t know better figure “I guess she’s hot”. She was part of some publicity stunt Kardashian tabloid bullshit that always reminds me how fucked America is. The fact that the trash Kardashians and their fake ass everything get rewarded and live this billionaire life is just fucking vile….yet you’re all fighting over the police and other shit…when the core of your issue is these people…

In keeping up with the trash, Jordyn Woods has launched an ONLY FANS where she’s exploiting her fan base, which is hilarious that she even has a fan base, into thinking they are buying her nudes, which I am sure are shit nudes, because cash grab off the losers with credit cards when you can.

This is her doing brand collabs, because I guess brands aren’t scared of whores if the whores have enough followers, we learned that with Kim K and her sex tape, something that should have made her unhireable but that got her ALL the fucking money she could…and I guess that her family could…

So this is the leaders to the youth and that’s unfortunate on a lot of levels, but great on a “let’s see everyone naked level”….which is my kind of level….since everyone, even the modest women, are likely fucking shit, so at least you get to see some tit with these Only Fans bitches…even though none are actually getting full naked, they are dipping a toe in sex work for the cash grab that works because we are all perverts but shouldn’t…because look at this bitch. Trashy mom body….I wouldn’t even get a discounted lap dance from her at the strip club, I’d aim highing…but maybe the old white dude would…there’s a market for it…but there’s also a market for everything, including selling stool samples to the right kind of pervert.

Jordyn Woods See Through



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Jordyn Woods See Through in a Thong of the Day

Jordyn Jones Big Fat Ass See Through Lace Pants Black Thong

JORDYN WOODSis Kylie Jenners BFF and some plus sized model with companies that are trying to exploit and monetize fat people by using fat people in their marketing, coupled with people trying to be inclusive by using people of various skin tones and ethnicities in their campaigns….you know a double threat, even a triple threat if you consider her to be a cheaper way to reach Kylie’s audience since the marketers know that all her followers are from KYLIE and thus the loyal KYLIE fans…that they’d otherwise have to pay a lot of money to have them see the products they are throwing at them…but instead can get it at a fraction of the price…

Well, she’s out in public, in a see through pair of pants, showing everyone her big fat ass that I can’t see anything sex with, it terrifies me, but a friend of mine used to hire fat black women on Craigslist to smother him, so this speaks to someone out there, and probably not just the local baker who sees it coming through and feels like he’s about to make his monthly quota with one order….

Not my thing, but still a thing.


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