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Josh Hartnett’s Girlfriend Pisses Herself in Tight Jeans of the Day

Her name is Sophia Lie….and she pisses herself….I mean I guess she could have spilled a drink on herself but where’s the story in that….

In her defense, you’d piss yourself to if you were forced to spend more than an hour with Josh Hartnett, let alone spend your life with the fucking asshole. You know because clearly you wouldn’t have any dignity or self respect….

See I know a girl who went on a date with Josh Hartnett when he was in town filming and apparently he spent the night talking about his hair and whether it was better in one movie than the other…and that’s the kind of conversation that would make a motherfucker, even an opportunistic motherfucker drink until they have no more feeling ….

Here are the rest of the pics…

Here are some of her fashion modeling pics….cuz she’s a hot fashion model …so hot she has a celebrity boyfriend…assuming Josh Hartnett is still a celebrity…and she’s one of these three naked bitches…just not sure which one…you can try to make a came out of the shit….since you have nothing else going on…

Here’s some art faggy video cuz you like those art fag….

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Josh Hartnett’s Girlfriend Sophia in a Bikini of the Day

The only Josh Hartnett story I have is from back when he was shooting a movie in Montreal and a girl I know went on a date with him. He spent a better part of an hour talking about his haircut in this movie versus his haircut in the previous movie he shot in Montreal and how he was unsure which he liked better. He is clearly self indulgent, self absorbed, self righteous and gay….that’s why I am surprised he is with a chick in a bikini, but not surprised the chick he is with is a nobody, cuz nobodies are the only ones who can put up with that kind of insecure, ego bullshit who hardly gets work anymore…and this is her body in a bikini….

Pics via Fame

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Josh Hartnett’s Vagina of the Day

I knew a girl who went on a date with Josh Hartnett. I don’t remember who she was but I do remember the story. She worked at a casting agency locally and dude was in town for a second time filming a second movie here in Montreal. Her boss asked her to go out to dinner with this motherfucker and he went off about his hair. He was asking if it looked better in Wicker Park or for the film he was shooting at the time which was Lucky Number Slevin or some shit. The girl said that it was okay for awkward conversation for about a minute or two, but this just went on for the entire 2 hours until she left as soon as she fucking could….which I highly doubt, because I’ve seen groupie bitches who don’t admit they are groupie bitches and their eyes get big, they get excited in their underwear, and do all they can to get back to his hotel room to fuck him, that’s why assholes like this can spew so much drivel because before he even leaves for the date or meets the girl he is going on a date with, he knows the outcome is going to be whatever he wants it to be.

Here are some pictures of him with some whore who he probably has great conversation with, like whether his dick was harder yesterday or today…or some shit.

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