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Dreams Do Come True – Josie Canseco is a VS Model Now of the Day

Josie Canseco must be real fucking excited about being a Victoria’s Secret model, I mean this is the dream of every girl every where, especially mainstream mall shoppers who bought into all the hype of Victoria’s Secret, while growing up watching Victoria’s Secret…you know a place where they bought their first bra…and have continued to love all these years.

Along with Sports Illustrated, Victoria’s Secret carries clout amongst chicks in terms of what is considered hot. They do cast hot girls, but their products are shit, so it’s just some promo model bullshit, but still an exclusive club. So a big deal….a weird deal…but a big deal…some favors were called for this one, but she does look good.

If you are familiar with the site, and you probably aren’t, I am a huge fan of celebrity kids, especially athlete kids cuz their moms are usually cocktail waitresses or strippers, because I find celebrity kids, especially in this era of social media, these entitled cunts who want to be important, r their own person and who only pull it off with half nakedness..and I love half nakedness.

This is the big leagues for her – the most generic mainstream looking girl her age..and I guess this means we will be seeing more of her…despite how weird this is.


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Josie Canseco Almost Nip Slip of the Day

Josie Canseco almost nip slip

I just did a post about celebrity kids, but the real value is in athlete kids….

The reason is that celebs have these egos, I know athletes do too, but actors think of themselves as artists, with culture, who are paid fairly and not overpaid for their nonsense..

While athletes are ghetto, they have egos too, ridiculous egos, overpaid ridiculous egos, too much money to know what to do with it, but they are jocks and don’t have culture or class or any interest in that. Athletes typically buy the dumbest shit, spend all their money and the whole thing is pretty LOLZ…

Not to mention, they don’t have kids with socialites, or old money, or other artists or actors who call themselves artists…but rather with women who are strippers, waitresses, or in Josie Canseco’s case…work at hooters.

It is hilarious to me that this rich brat’s mom is a fucking Hooters girl..

So staring at her tits makes it all make sense, come full circle, circle of life or some shit…


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Josie Canseco Fitness Dance Shoot of the Day

Josie Canseco must be a professionally trained dancer, because look at her outfits she’s out there promoting in the dance studio.

I guess her mom wanted her to have some skills to fall back on in case her dad Jose Canseco denied her existence and shut off payment to them…

Some parents aim for education, some parents purchase and bribe for their kids to get an education, while other parents, like Josie Canseco’s mom go for dancing…cuz dancing is all she knows…and is how she met the dad after a game…him all jacked up on ROID RAGE and winning…and her working the Champagne VIP room for the team celebrating at the strip club…

Now I don’t know if her mom is actually a stripper or a Cocktail waitress, I guess I could google it…I just know the women who Athlete’s are drawn to…and women drawn to athletes…are fucking strippers and cocktail waitresses…

LOL. I just googled it and her mom was a Hooters Waitress when she got knocked up by Jose. Hilarious. Called it. I’m so smart.

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Josie Canseco Hot and Half Naked for Galore of the Day

Josie Canseco has a classic whore look, which makes me think that her mom was a stripper that her dad came inside during one of his off days from steroids, you know when his dick was functional and his balls not upside himself as steroids do….

If you look close enough, when she’s not all done up, she’s got a little too much Jose in her face, mainly in her eyes, making her look semi-retarded or asian..

That doesn’t stop the social media system to celebrate her all because her dad was a star Baseball player, like Gretzky’s daughter before her…in this era of young rich girls wanting to be models…

The hair is big, the body is banging, the half nakedness relevant..so here she is modeling for the people at Galore…who I guess are still putting out magazines of pop culture to the young people…who don’t buy magazines…doing solid glamour shoots like they were MAXIM with these young eager to be model girls…and it’s all quite magical…if you don’t actually believe in magic…and realize this is what happens when your dad is a rich jock with too much money to spoil his baby girl with…

At least she’s fit doing this hustle and not a fat pig….respect.


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Josie Canseco’s Athlete Meets Stripper and They Bred Body of the Day

Josie Canseco Bikini of the Day

Josie Canseco is a product of narcissism on the level of – she’s named after her father….

I assume her mother was a stripper where he was on a Farm Team before going Major League…who saw the opportunity and pulled his dick out and smeared his cum all up on her uterus during one of his lap dances….

The two merged genetically and created a rich, entitled, spoiled brat daughter of a super star athlete…with the attitude of a stripper, because daddy was on the road building up her daddy issues her whole life, and mommy between spending daddy’s money and popping pills would give her life advice that shaped who she is today….

And I think the shape of who she is today is pretty great…on some Giant Inflatable thing….in a bikini…looking fit and loving every second of the paparazzi up on her….

It’s good to be a hot rich daughter of a pro athelete…cuz athletes are half retards who don’t expect you to achieve much more than what this one is doing….A national Hero really…

Here’s more….fit as fuck…


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Josie Canseco’s Pussy in Skimpy Panty Pic of the Day

Before instagram there was a pervert in LA named Purienne, who got all the young girls who were aspiring models or I guess established models, to get naked and be part of his book or magazine that had LA hipster approval…

So girls would line up to have their pics taken by him, and instagram basically built an empire based off of something he was doing, filters included, and that worked out pretty good for those nerds, and I guess Zuckerberg who spent over a billion dollars trying to buy cool and ruining it as angry nerds do…

And I guess Purienne is still recruiting the girls who want slutty pics that come across as hipster cool, because he’s still got the credibility, and is pretty much a legend to perverts like me…

So seeing Josie Canseco, heriess to the Jose Canseco empire, and often times naked or half naked rich kid on instagram, with a close up pussy shot on his IG page was a good time had by all, and by all I mean me…cuz I am sitting here alone.

Racy…but SFW according to Zuckerberg…

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Josie Canseco and the Pussy in Bikini Trash of the Day

Josie Canseco may just be the daughter of Jose Canseco with a ridiculous name, naked after her daughter on some trashy shit…

But she’s also in a white bathing suit and I can see her pussy and I love that shit, it’s a fetish for me and for anyone out there with a brain…because seeing pussy, that can be played off as unintentional…when clearly it is intentional…is magical to pervert as fuck me…

I have experienced pussy flashes though sheer bottoms before and they always stay fresh and exciting even when the pussy they are on is neither of those things…

This one is rich Baseball kid…is putting that trustfund to good use..trashy and delicious….


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Josie Canseco Naked for Some Photographer of the Day


Josie Canseco is really fucking hot…and the fact that she’s a rich kid with a trust fund – yet still getting naked for photographers / instagram / to grow her audience…is absolutely fucking brilliant.

She could be a scenester, she has access and could spend her time at all the celeb events, even date celebs, I mean her dad, as her name would suggest, because they trashily named her after him, in an egotistical probably due to her mom being some baseball groupie securing a meal ticket – willing to accommodate to ensure getting paid…and she probably is – but I don’t keep track of any of that shit..

She could get all in the paparazzi on the beach, doing the Hadid hustle, and maybe she does – I don’t keep track…but doubt it because she’s out there putting out nude shoots for free…just like that…

Maybe it’s daddy issues, rebelling, craving male attention – or maybe she just knows she’s hot as hell and wants you all to experience it…either way…I am in love…or would be if I had deeper emotions than “look at her tits”….

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Josie Canseco’s Topless on Snapchat of the Day

Daughters named after their fathers is always funny to me. I don’t know why, but it seems so fucking trashy….Josie Canseco…the amazingly hot daughter of Jose Canseco…who I guess was the patriarch of the house…because his wife, her mother was a cocktail waitress, low level model, stripper…or just a hot groupie into that Athlete money..who raised her baby to have similar morals and values, when she wasn’t pawned off on the nanny, because her key workload…her life work…her retirement package relied on this creature…a creature who has gone on to be a nude model…representative of the times we live in…

It’s like be rich, have a trust fund, be hot, have access…yet choose nude…

It’s on some troubled girl with daddy issues cliche that Donald Trump would say leads to great sex…and for any dude who has had sex with a crazy girl knows is true…and when it looks like this, is spoiled like this, has money like this…it becomes so much more fun…

So her getting naked or topless on snapchat while eating is a sign trouble…the good kind of trouble that I think it’s anything but trouble…instead everything great…but I am also a pervert who sexualizes tits…in a world where you’re not allowed to sexualize tits…because girls are women and some women are genderless and everything is one big confusing mess…of non-sexualized tits…a political theory I can’t support while looking at tits.

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Josie Canseco’s Nipples of the Day


Josie Canseco is great and these are her nipples.

She’s the classy baseball daughter – naked after her dad, who’s mom is probably some low level MITT Slut…that’s what I’ve decided to call baseball wives…and maybe she worked as a cocktail waitress at some sports bar, or stripped at a strip club, or even an escort agency he rolled through on while on roid’s in need of letting off steam from his shrunken balls…

I don’t know where her parents met, I am just using deductive logic as to who baseball players accidentally knock up and commit to and marry….because athlete wives are always pretty trashy…but they have access to so much money….to do all the things they’ve ever dreamed….

Well here’s their daughter, her hot body, doing what anyone with a trust fund would do…model to feel sexy, pretty, noticed….


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