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Karolin Wolter for Vogue Turkey of the Day


Karolin Wolter is a model in black bathing suits that I find inspiring because i like black bathing suits for fashion magazine, but probably not as much as the arab men in Turkey, where this issue of Vogue was released this month, because I knew a guy from Turkey once, who told me his childhook involved raping stray dogs because it was against his religion to jerk off, and /or fuck girls…and I figure…half naked girls…something other arab nations get stoned for, all while Turkey is the Arab nation in Europe and more progressive that the USA in terms of nudity in the media…is exciting…because it shows more than just eyes.

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Karolin Wolter for Twin Shows Tits for Fashion of the Day

I don’t know who this model is. I just know that I spend a good part of my day trying to get girls topless and for some reason they never fucking do it. I add girls to facebook and try to seduce with my seduction technique of telling them to crop out their face so their pussy becomes every other pussy…lost in the sea of pussy so they have nothing to worry about, but even those tender words don’t inspire, forcing me to go to the strippers where bitches get naked cuz they are getting paid to show their tits. Something everyday girls think is so fucking wrong and think they are too wholesome, with too strong of morals to do, until they start getting offered money to show their tits in a different setting, whether in movies or TV or modeling…proving that all girls are fucking hookers and strippers and as long as they smell money….they’re down…some girls just need to be massaged a little more than others by telling them it’s for art and not to get ppl off…but really showing your tits is showing your fucking tits….so girls stop pretending you’re too good to get topless for me and just fucking do it already…I’m not paying but it’s for my own kind of art I call masturbating. Thanks in advance.

It’s like bitches are all wholesome and shit…

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