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Kate Bosworth Looking Racy of the Day

WOW…look at the level of BOTOX Kate Bosworth has got going on, it’s like she’s not a 100 year old in these pics she recently posted…it’s like what all the 30+ or even younger people of social media do and generally accept as normal…they even hype each other up on the photoshop job with a “you’re so pretty”….”you’re so beautiful”…fully knowing it’s a fucking filter…but since they use the filter too…it’s some Second Life level of internet life is still a fantasy life and in that fantasy life…kate Bosworth is 20 years younger….and you’re the lie you’ve created for yourself since real life sucks…

WHICH IS WHY I ALWAYS WONDER – why everyone is so fucking uptight on the internet…it’s not our real life, we don’t need to be heroes on here, let’s collectively be assholes the right way by trolling each other…not trying to be holier than thou while posting asshole pics…lecturing people to do better when buying shitty instagram made in china brands the Kardashians are pushing…..MAKE the internet great again…be your bullshit avatar…be your bullshit botox muppet…and leave the rest of us alone…hypocrite fucks….

That said, Kate Bosworth, who I’ve alway found hot has not tried to pass this off as recent, it’s 19 or 20 years old….and looking at it reminds me what I always say in Kate Bosworth posts….she had all the potential to be a star, hot, skinny, and blonde…yet in nothing I can think of because she just didn’t hit right….but you can look at her archive and think of the ways you would hit it right…probably why she posted it….

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Kate Bowsworth’s Sultry for Topshop Christmas of the Day

I don’t know about you…but I totally masturbated to this…just something about Christmas carols that does this to me everytime…spontaneous ejaculation…which makes being a Mall Santa a very dangerous part time job…

That Said…Christmas is my favorite time of year…so CHECK OUT OUR VERY MERRY STEPFATHER GIFT GUIDE

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Kate Bowsworth Skinny Legs of the Day

I prefer Kate Bowsworth topless on the beach , even if those topless pictures were staged and no nipple was captured on film, see I get that her skinny ass has small ass tits, but you’d still expect to see nipple, unless of course she’s had a mastectomy and opted out of getting nipples tattooed on, otherwise, there’s no fucking excuse…

Not that it matters, I mean the reality is that Kate Bowsworth doesn’t need nipples, sure she’s looking fucking old, but she’s maintained her skinny, and there’s something really magical about a skinny girl, with skinny legs and a skinny body and that magical something is that she’s not fucking fat, like every other bitch in the world these days….making her one of the dying breeds…soon to be extint…I saw Wal-E, I know how shit ends up….

Either way, nice legs, I’d love to wear them as a scarf.

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Kate Bowsworth Shows Off Her Legs of the Day

All Kate Bosworth has going for her is a hot set of skinny legs and despite her not really being famous, relevant, interesting, or fun, I’ll still post her shit, cuz let’s face it, skinny legs are all the talent a bitch really needs to matter in my mind, cuz too many fat, stalky legs are out there fucking my fantasy of crawling up the shit like the money I am to the reach the drippy fruit…

I don’t know what I am talking about…or why I am talking about it….but here are the pics anyway….

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Kate Bowsworth Lookin’ Hot of the Day

I had an argument with some chick who told me Kate Bowsworth was the hottest celebrity out there. I wasn’t sure who she was because she’s pretty much a no name and I kept using that as the basis of my argument that she in no way is the hottest celebrity because she’s not even a celebrity, before realizing this conversation was on the same level as giving girls in my eighth grade class a number rating with my group of loser friends who could never get up inside the girls we were givin’ 7s to and tried to divert the conversation to her vagina. You know ask her things about it that sound profound but are really my way to get details on what it looks like. It’s a philosophical approach that always tricks college girls. I ask if questions like “if your vagina was a country, what would it be” or “if your vagina was a hat what would it look like” then I bust out a porn mag and ask them to point out the vagina that looks most like theirs and it is always a fuckin’ dealbreaker.

The point of all this is to say, here’s the hottest Kate Bowsworth pic I’ve ever seen, maybe the chick I was talking to was right.

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