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Katharine McPhee Slutty Erotica of the Day

Katharine McPhee Big Tits Ass Black Lingerie Bra Thong

Katharine McPhee is married to or engaged to a 75 year old music legend…because I guess that’s what happens when you have daddy issues and a love of music…you groupie on the people with the most connections and become their little sugar baby, all taken care of and protected by them, and you don’t mind, you used to volunteer and an old folks home, you like the smell of rot and impending death, plus the sex is few and far between…viagra’s not that reliable, so that you can focus on the nice things, like naps, sitting, and doing other lazy things old people do….

Her last husband was way older than her also, bit David Foster old, but still old…because I guess old guys know how to show a gal she’s appreciated….you know old school chivalry the young guys don’t have…Traditional gender roles the way American family values need.

Then again, they’ve had so much tit, especially the really rich guys from LA who run the music industry and know they can have any tit they want, it’s probably hard to manipulate them in, other than offering to be their nurse like the Playboy girls did for Hefner…I mean what’s the benefit of having her around for him, other than someone to change his diapers…

Who knows, but I do remember when her nudes were leaked, icloud hack, and she had pics of her pussy after a labia plasty…I mean that’s a girl who fucks trying to get a designer pussy for this exact reason..to seduce a man to set her up for life..

So really this is Katharine McPhee winning at her goals. Nice to see.

Katharine McPhee Big Tits Ass Black Lingerie Bra ThongKatharine McPhee Big Tits Ass Black Lingerie Bra Thong


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Katharine McPhee Bikini Eel Erotica of the Day

Katharine McPhee Bikini eel erotica

Katharine McPhee is used to slimy and disgusting things touching her….she is either engaged or married to a 70 year old with an aggressive viagra prescription and a lot of money…who you know is a slimy and disgusting thing…you just can’t fuck women for 50 years like a rich guy fucks women….and not be slimy and disgusting…not to mention..he was married to a Hadid, which in and of itself destroys genitals…but more importantly…if you ever walk into an old folks home, that smell of piss and shit and death and rot….is pretty much what this bitch faces every time she gives her man a rim job…

SO….eels aint a fucking thing…if anything…Japanese Eel porn you’ve all seen is far more attractive than what her actual typical sex looks like…so here she is coming at you with new fetishes as she does on the regular…cuz she’s weird.

Katharine McPhee Tits and Pussy Print Red Swimsuit


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Katharine McPhee Tits and Crotch Shot of the Day

Katharine McPhee Tits and Crotch Shot in Bikini

Nothing like seeing an American Idol girl spreading her crotch for the people, like some kind of harlot, especially when knowing for a fact that she’s had vagina reconstruction, there are pics of the “healing” but more interesting, or less interestingly….she fucks a 70 year old man….something that may leave her feeling unfulfilled but it’s a good strategy for her music career, since he’s some major executive and producer, a legend really, the man who created some of the Greatest 80s love songs…who has also fucked Bruce Jenner’s wife and Gigi Hadid’s mom…a man…who now fucks this sugar baby in the weirdest form of a sugar baby since she’s already famous..but I guess Daddy Issues and climbing ladders don’t discriminate.

That shit applies to all Vaginas…


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Katharine McPhee Tits of the Day

Katharine McPhee TIts Out in a Crop Top

I will never get over the picture that was leaked from Katharine McPhee’s phone or iCloud that showcased her vaginalplasty, mom in her 40s recently divorced trying to be hot again, because she didn’t bother being hot for her husband, but now that he’s got a teen girlfriend, she’s got something to prove…from joining pilates, yoga, and eating vegan or whatever other trends on instagram…to be hot…to cutting off her pussy lips…

The point of the story is that, I saw a pic she took for her doctor on the progress of her pussy lip reduction, and I found it fucking disturbing…especially when her legal team validated it was her…

So Katharine McPhee, an American Idol I otherwise don’t care for, or even care for her tits, or the fact that she bangs 70 year old men cuz they are rich and legends in music….I’m forced to think of that scabby tough grey steak looking shit…

But she has tits, cuz she’s fat, and she likes showing off her tits, cuz that’s what fat girls with tits do.

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Katharine McPhee Tits of the Day

Katharine McPhee Nude in her Dresing Room

Katharine McPhee is doing a Broadway Play called Waitress, because she’s a singing and dancing actress you may remember from American Idol, back when you used to jerk off to Simon Cowell’s cutting tongue…you sick fuck…

For some reason, a reason I call dating a 75 year old man who can’t get hard but who is rich and connected and will help her get ahead and feels the need to post in between outfit changes….in her bra and Spanx because her body is likely ravaged…

The most fascinating thing about Katharine McPhee is that she had vagina regeneration, rejuvenation, a designer vagina in pics that were leaked but that I had to remove thanks to her legal team….and fascinating not because they were hot, but because the pics made me gag…her thick lips were all scabbed up…and healing..disgusting…but I guess it has healed and brought her new life….look at how happy she seems.

Here are her tits in a sweater

Katharine McPhee in a nude bra and blue tight panties


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Katharine McPhee Nude Bra of the Day

Katharine McPhee Tits Out in a Nude Bra for Instagram Story

Katharine McPhee got her titties out on the social media – because that’s what social media is for…it’s for the tits…

Zuckerberg will argue in front of Congress that Facebook is for friends to connect…and share their lives….or whatever the fuck he pretends it is….while it is clearly just a way for him to steal data and run ads to people and cash in….that taps into their inner perversions, insecurities, voyeurism and locks them in to make him more money…which is in the form of the TITS…

Katharine McPhee is also fucking a 75 year old really rich man who dominates the music industry – the love song masters and I guess this is how she keeps his dick hard..I mean that and with her vaginal reconstructed vagina…and viagra…I mean he’s old but he’s rich and requires that extra push cuz he’s seen some shit…including but not limited to GIGI HADID’s Mom Pussy..

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Katharine McPhee in a Bra of the Day

Katharine McPhee tits in a black bra

Katharine McPhee just got some huge news today – that Viagra reduces the development of Colon Cancer by 50 percent, while Colon cancer is one of the leading cancers killing men over 70 years old, which is the age of her boyfriend, who I assume she’s trying to keep alive until she can marry, or leverage to more success in her music career, maybe a creative collaboration on par with his other work, like “You’re the Inspiration” with Peter Cetera or all the other shit he’s done to make the billion dollars in music that he’s made…

Because she’s out celebrating with her titties out! Titties that unlike her reconstructed vaginal plasty vagina we’ve unfortunately seen in leaked nudes and that I can’t post but that I am sure you can google.

I mean…who fucking cares about Katharine McPhee…really…

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