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Kathie Lee Gifford Sweaty Squatter of the Day

So I posted last night that Regis died before his retirement in this Vespa Accident on Letterman…

It turns out he survived and the fall was hardly as funny as it should have been, so he made it to his last show, cuz he is retiring and that glorious, historic event brought out his past host, busty Kathie Lee Gifford, who anyone who stayed home sick in the early 90s jerked off to….and who based on POSTS ABOUT HER TITS still jerk off to her…

She came out all sweaty armpits for the armpit fetishists….all red headed for the red head fetishists…..all big breasted for the busty festishists…..all big assed for the menopausal women fetishists….she exudes sex, makes me wonder why Frank cheated on her…oh right…cuz she’s annoying as fuck…

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Kathy Lee Gifford’s Old Lady Tits of the Day

I have a reader who keeps bugging me to post Kathy Lee Gifford tits…and on many mornings when I was still awake from benders…found myself jerking off to the bitch even with Regis’ distracting voice…so I get where dude is coming from…even if it is two decades later…cuz now she actually gets naughty…when back in the day I had to leave most of it to my imagination…on air cleavage was never this good…

I looked for the video but couldn’t find it….so this will have to do…

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Kathy Lee Gifford Tits of the Day

I try to make it a point to post any pictures that I see of Kathy Lee Gifford because over the last 6 years of doing this site, I’ve had this crazy, immigrant send me emails about her. Sometimes they come in every few months, other times I get them daily for a month then the dude disappears for a long time, but they always make me laugh. Basically, in some broken English, the dude begs me for Kathy Lee breast pictures because Kathy Lee Gifford is “very nice girl look to at” which I guess means he jerks off to her, and if this was 20 years ago, I’m pretty sure we could all relate to that, cuz there was no internet, porn was a physical thing we had to physically hide, and it was an era of improvising, compromise, and substantially easier orgasms cuz cleavage was enough before we all turned into creepy perverts who only get off to throat fucking porn….

So this is for the immigrant reader but on a deeper, more significant level, this is for an era that is long gone, when cumming to cleavage on Morning television was enough, before we turned into sex-crazed perverts.

Pics via Fame

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Kathy Lee Gifford Big Old Lady Tits of the Day

I had a reader who would email me obsessively looking for pictures of Kathy Lee Gifford. It had something to do with a masturbation ritual he had going to her tits back when she was on TV every morning that he couldn’t get past. He was constantly on the prowl for new pics of her, cuz he had exhausted every recorded clip he had of her and I thought the whole thing was weird…partially because I was never in such a serious morning jam that I’d fantasize about her red pubic haired cunt to get off, if anything I was usually asleep her whole career, except when she started dropping Christmas albums like she was John Tesh, that was her hottest period, but I have a Christmas fetish, I didn’t realize the kind of tits she was packing, and really looking at her old weathered body today is almost exhilerating cuz there is just so much fucking tit….

Not to mention she’s with her daughter, who looks like a typical rich kid WASP from the suburbs who drives a BMW and loves taking it up the ass cuz condoms are a drag but so are abortions…Oh my god…All American kind of slut and I’m down with this mother/daughter fantasy I’ve never lived out but have tried on fucking repeat…not that you care….

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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Some Kathy Lee Gifford Tit in a Dress for Old Times of the Day

Before Kathy Lee Gifford was a botox, jacked up face dinosaur, she used to be on morning television in an era when internet porn wasn’t accessible and I only had one channel, pretty much making her my little whore on at least one occassion when I happened to be awake at 9 am. There was just something about her fat tits, the idea of her red pubic hair and her annoying uptight attitude that I liked. I think it had to do with knowing I was far too dirty a motherfucker for her to even throw a dollar at without using hand sanitizer in a time before hand sanitizer existed and I am sure I am not the only one who jerked off to her back when she was on Regis with Kelly, otherwise they woulda never kept her on the show….I’m talking to you Regis…You little pig….

Here are her tits and botox face for old times…….

Here’s Kathy Lee Seducing me in a white dress with Shania Twain….

Here’s Kathy Lee Seducing me in a Pant Suit with Bernadette Peters….

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