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Miss USA Kelli McCarty’s Official Clip from her Porn of the Day

So I don’t know if this video is available, but it was sent to me by someone legit and I figured I’d post it. It’s supposed to be a leaked clip of former Miss USA and NBC’s Passions star Kelli McCarty’s porn called Faithless that’s coming out in a couple of weeks from Vivid.

I have a thing for good girls following their vagina’s demands and taking getting fucked to new levels. I figure that this bitch was a run of the mill kind of girl, who was relatively prude or at least pretended to be, because sluts aren’t supposed to be named Miss USA, boring chicks are. I figure her mother pressured into pageants as a kid and always made her stand up straight and say all the right things, leading her to some kind of teenage rebellion that only hit the year she turns 40 because it’s an awkward time in a woman’s life where you want to make sure you are fucked on camera before no one wants to see you fucked on camera and that rebellion is called being desperate for money, because last time I checked Passions killed Timmy and isn’t on the air anymore, and getting fucked on camera is pretty fucking easy money.

Now, I know this isn’t Kelli showing the world her real talent portion of the Miss USA Pageant that happened off camera in the Judge’s dressing room with her mouth and his dick, but it’s her tits and there aint nothing wrong with tits, unless of course they are lopsided, saggy or amputated.

Check out the official site to find more clips/info/pictures/whatever

BONUS – Here’s her Swimsuit Competition from 1991, Try Not to Jerk off the Dick Clark or her JC Penny Ghetto one-peice bathing suit….

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