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Shauna Sand Sex Tape stepEXCLUSIVE Clips of the Day

Shauna Sand - Sex Tape Clips

The Shauna Sand Sex Tape , I’ve shown screenshots of has finally come….and it is amazing.

You see, I have been ripping into Shauna Sand and her “everyday is halloween” zombie look for the last 5 years. I’ve laughed about her plastic surgery, her ridiculous outfits, her stripper shoes, her non-existant career based on Playboy decades ago. I’ve laughed at her boy toy who I assume is gay and on salary and does things like massage her feet and carry her purse and now star in her sex tape. I’ve even made fun of her grey dead vagina.

She’s been a constant theme on the site, she has provided constant entertainment and almost every Shauna Sand picture that has come out over the last 5 years has made it up here.

I am only her biggest fan and her sex tape that I am dying to see because my life is pathetic comes out tomorrow…..

LOS ANGELES — – Vivid Entertainment, the leading adult film studio, said today it will release the sexually explicit video “Shauna Sand Exposed” next Wednesday, November 4th after its “star” withdrew her threat of a lawsuit to block its distribution. 

I convinced someone close to the source to send me these clips because I couldn’t wait for the release date. I promised not to post them, but not sharing with you wouldn’t be right…so here’s a lawsuit waiting to happen….It is clips of her sex tape, it is Not Safe For Work but then again, this is a Shauna Sand Sex Tape so it is really no safe for anything….except my fucking fantasies….that have miraculously come true in the form of a this DVD and that is really what makes this whole thing that much more amazing….

Here are the Clips…..

I love that this is happening, it brings meaning to my life. Sex Tapes was how I got into this celebrity game, but it turned out to be a pretty dry business, but not quite as dry as Shauna Sand’s Vagina…

You can get the whole Shauna Sand Sex Tape Wednesday –

Or at the Official Sex Tape Site ….
Shauna Sand Exposed

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Sasha Grey Shows Off Her Deep Throat Skills in this Exclusive Clip of the Day

Here’s a clip of Sasha Grey learning how to deep throat a dildo as part of Vivid’s newest TV and Porn Re-Make.

For some reason, Sasha Grey is everyone’s favorite pornstar or at least the hottest porn star who gets paid the most out there right now. She works independently, gets linked to every studio’s big movie and even gets mainstream gigs, and I may not be entirely sure why she’s made it, I think it’s gotta do with her not having fake tits, being gothic and hipster and lookin like the girl next door with bush, who sucks the meanest cock, is young and doesn’t look damaged and does really fucking dirty things because she pretends it’s some next level intellectual experience.

So Vivd, the porn company that knows how to fluff mainstream media like they were one of their own contract girls before landing contracts have another TV show about to hit.

First they did that whole Debbie Does Dallas Again shit and you need to Check Out Drunkenstepfather At Their Party, It is Funny , then they did some show about the girls of Porn Valley where you get to see their contract girls do whatever the fuck they do, and now they are remaking Deep Throat. They are hustlas.

Here’s a little blurb I got with the video…..

VIVID OWNS SATURDAY NIGHT! Vivid is back on Showtime with our new reality series “Deeper Throat,“ Saturday nights at 11.30pm starting Feb. 14th. The series follows the behind the scenes adventures that Vivid went through to remake the classic “Deep Throat” into the movie “Throat” which will be in stores on 3/18. And…stay tuned to Showtime for an encore showing of “Debbie Does Dallas Again”  immediately following, at midnight.

It’s going to be good TV. Here’s another clip of Sasha Grey naked and dead for you necro weirdos out there.

For More info I am sure you can find it at Vivid

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Miss USA Kelli McCarty’s Official Clip from her Porn of the Day

So I don’t know if this video is available, but it was sent to me by someone legit and I figured I’d post it. It’s supposed to be a leaked clip of former Miss USA and NBC’s Passions star Kelli McCarty’s porn called Faithless that’s coming out in a couple of weeks from Vivid.

I have a thing for good girls following their vagina’s demands and taking getting fucked to new levels. I figure that this bitch was a run of the mill kind of girl, who was relatively prude or at least pretended to be, because sluts aren’t supposed to be named Miss USA, boring chicks are. I figure her mother pressured into pageants as a kid and always made her stand up straight and say all the right things, leading her to some kind of teenage rebellion that only hit the year she turns 40 because it’s an awkward time in a woman’s life where you want to make sure you are fucked on camera before no one wants to see you fucked on camera and that rebellion is called being desperate for money, because last time I checked Passions killed Timmy and isn’t on the air anymore, and getting fucked on camera is pretty fucking easy money.

Now, I know this isn’t Kelli showing the world her real talent portion of the Miss USA Pageant that happened off camera in the Judge’s dressing room with her mouth and his dick, but it’s her tits and there aint nothing wrong with tits, unless of course they are lopsided, saggy or amputated.

Check out the official site to find more clips/info/pictures/whatever

BONUS – Here’s her Swimsuit Competition from 1991, Try Not to Jerk off the Dick Clark or her JC Penny Ghetto one-peice bathing suit….

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Meggan Mallone Dances for DrunkenStepfather of the Day

After writing this website for years, I finally convinced a girl to get naked and do a video dancing for me. I started the site hoping to get girls topless, that didn’t work out too well for me, but in the back of my mind, I always thought someone would be willing to take her top off for me, but that didn’t work out for me either, because it turns out people don’t give a shit about useless sites, but that all changed today with this AMAZING video of Vivid Star Meggan Mallone doing a little dance for us topless.

The video was sent in by the people at Vivid to show me they care, it is directed by porn producer/director Shylar Cobi and I feel like I just won the lottery and that all this typing actually had a fuckin’ point. Yes, tits are enough for me, I have low expectations….so take that every teacher and ex girlfriend who told me I was wasting my time and that I was destined to failure. To think all these years, I believed you, or pretended to to justify my drinking…

Either way, this is just a Christmas miracle…I guess Santa does exist and isn’t just some creepy dude at the mall….

Either way, watch this hot/funny video to brighten up your day….Here’s the SFW Version….Here are some older pics of her because she’s hot….and I am in love….

And Check Out More on Viivd Because They Own The Porn Industry….and Gave Me This Gift…..

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