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Kelsey and Baylee Soles are the Twin Sisters People are Excted About of the Day

Anyone who has had a threesome will tell you “they weren’t all that hot, but there were two of them”….it takes a real lottery win, and/or a lot of money or fame, to land a threesome with two serious fucking babes…and I guess the same goes for twins….Two is better than one.

The PR team behind Soles Twins, are pushing this shit aggressively. They are all over Vogue and DailyMail, and all these other magazines, excited that there are new twins who are decent looking enough, you know in this hipster world, but more importantly, tall and skinny enough, to make it in the world of modeling…

A world, that I find cheesy as fuck, posing for the sake of posing, while everything thinks they are fucking models…and any girl, no matter what her face looks like, gets signed if she’s over 5 foot 8….

So I don’t find these girls hot, but they are getting hype, and I guess that’s enough for me to notice…but more importantly, #skinny #legs…

I don’t believe they are the next Olsens, or even the Barbie Twins, or the Budweiser Twins….But I do believe in skinny legs….I also believe that twins all fuck each other, even fraternal twins, because they have weird connections, and it’s technically masturbation…and incest…all at once..

Here’s some of there uneventful pics, making me believe, they have very expensive team pushing them because why else would I fucking know them…It’s not like I’m front row at fashion week. I don’t even get off my couch…or even browse the interent that aggressive.

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