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I am – Hometown Hotties Finalist Kenda of the Day


I am not sure what is more confusing to me, the fact that this bitch’s name is Kenda or the fact that she’s got no tits. I am all for small tits but by looking at the other girls she looks the most like a dud and I know you are into that, but I thought the Hometown Hottie contest was all about finding the hottest stripper looking bitch out there to help shift her career from getting paid to get topless for men in a bar, to getting paid to get topless while strategically hiding their nipples for the world. I guess Kenda and her stupid name are hitting this contest to show the world that you don’t need 8000 dollar breast implants to be a half naked party slut, and I guess she gets some points for that.

The nice thing about Kenda is that she is training to be a pre-school teacher, it shows her maternal and softer side. I know that if I had kids, taking them to a girl like this would definitely be part of my daily activities in hopes that one day I could trick her into doing dirty things which I don’t think is too hard to do, I’d just tell her I was from Maxim and we wanted to do a follow-up shoot in her mouth…

Here is Kenda, vote for her if she’s your thing. She was kinda too plain for me to go into stories about my life, because she didn’t inspire any and I know I’ve got lots in there, so for her not to inspire any, that’s a pretty bad sign. I can assume she doesn’t inspire you and that she’s going to lose.


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