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Hey, Kevin Spacey May be Gay, You Don’t Say of the Day

And I am apparently a horrible poet, mainly because I find poetry the gayer than Kevin Spacey in these pictures where he’s pulling down a dude’s pants before going at him with his hand then finger, then tongue, then penis until they switch turns, and Spacey bottoms out. Sure, you could assume that this pantsing is just a big joke and all in good fun and I get that because I once made the same mistake. I was about 14 and new to the country. I had very few friends except for the rejects no one liked. One of them, coincidentally named Kevin who lived down the street from me took a liking to me, he thought my accent was so funny and would always make an effort to hang out. He was the kind of kid who was into singing and dancing and was in Drama and always had girls calling him, but always ditched them for me. One night after watching a movie, I got up and Kevin grabbed my ass, I freaked out and he laughed it off like it was nothing. Another time, he tried to grab my dick, I freaked out and he laughed it off like it was nothing. He tried other things like pulling my pants down, wrestling each other where I felt his boner in my leg, suggested we measure our dicks together and try condoms on and it went on for about 6 months, before I realized what was going on. It’s just too bad that with all the warning signs, the only thing that really made me see what was actually going on was when I passed out on the couch after smoking a joint and woke up with my penis in his hand. I freaked out, ran home and it made for an awkward Monday morning. Our friendship ended there.

Kevin went on to try his chances in Hollywood and rumor has it that he got AIDS and died and I went on to live a straight life filled with empty sexual encounters with hookers while drunk and high in the gutter before finding out about the internet and doing this and despite not being the Kevin in these pictures, our stories seem pretty similar except I like to think my Kevin had better taste going after the skinny, Mexican who dressed funny and couldn’t speak the language and didn’t know better, while Kevin Spacey seems to be going for pretty retarded lookin’ motherfuckers not that I can judge a good lookin’ guy proper and I’m sure fags only judge a man by the size of his dick, but this dude seriously reminds me of cerebral palsy, or pre-mature baby syndrome and here are the pics of them smoking weed and doin’ some foreplay in public and the whole thing’s pretty awkward for a guy you probably thought was a great actor, without realizing that all actors are gay.

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