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Breast Milk Cookbook is The Best Kickstarter of the Day

I was just tipped off to this Kickstarter page for the Official Breast Milk Cookbook, which as you know is just code for getting busty bitches half naked and posing with food, because using Breast Milk as an ingredient is just replacing real milk in a recipe…clever perverts…make the world think you’re up on some hippie shit, especially with all the hype Breast Feeding gets, when we know it’s just an excuse for mom’s to pull their tits out and get some mail attention that’s not they asshole husband asking when dinner is ready…

Here’s their manifesto,

Mother's Milk is the first official cookbook that utilizes breast milk as an ingredient in all of its recipes. In over 50 recipes, the book covers breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, and drinks that will make sure breast milk can be enjoyed by the whole family.

It’s pretty funny….and they are shooting it with babes with implants…which I thought fucked up breast feeding…confusing me about this natural approach to half naked girls.but I know I like to drink breast milk from the source…why wouldn’t I like drinking it from the source…

It’s inspired me to make a cookbook with girl’s squirt, which I am convinced is just pee, but that can be added to any recipe and you won’t notice a thing, I mean they do it in Mexican restaurants all the fucking time…those crazy mexicans…

This shit is better than this picture of Selma Blair Breastfeeding..

To Help Fund This Project CLICK HERE

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