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Kim Garner Ass in a Thong of the Day

Kim Garner is hotter than she gets credit for…not that she gets credit for anything..no one gives a fuck about Kim Garner…but since she started popping up in the paparazzi thanks to getting on a UK Reality Show, I consistently felt that she was hot bodied and deserved some credibility or hype, but every time I posted her…no one cared…here’s this half naked blonde babe with a rocking body in paparazzi bikini pics…and you motherfuckers don’t give a shit…that blows my mind because I am from the school of thought that any girl in a bikini is worth looking at, or getting excited about, and girls with far less TV time, who haven’t been on reality TV, who haven’t travelled internationally, who only exist on photoshopped IG pics do more than this girl who legit has this body…and that’s tragic…just proof that there is no rhyme or reason to why one specific slut resonates with people while other sluts need to turn to porn or high class escorting to get by…

The world is weird…and Kim Garner’s got a hot as…


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Kim Garner in a Bikini of the Day

I love that Kim Garner, is some serious fucking clickbait, at least in the content se produces…yet no one fucking cares about her or her existence…she was on a Reality Show, then moved to LA and still can’t seem to go viral..despite being in a bikini all the fucking time because I guess she’s in a era where too many bikinis out there, too many clickbaiters, too many pieces of shit stealing her irrelevant but almost relevant glory…

But I’ll still look at her ass.


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Kim Garner’s See Through Dress of the Day

We may not fully know who Kim Garner is or what Kim Garner does, but I’ve told you before and I will tell you again, the most important Kim Garner fact you need to know is not that she’s Jennifer Garner’s cousin, or sister, or daughter from a previous marriage…

It’s that she’s been so thirsty to get more famous, to leverage her existing low level fame and make it in America…that she’s done the bikini pics, the selfies, shown off her hot body, been to all the events and no one fucking cares.

So she’s put on a see through top, with her tits out, she know people will start to care.

It’s interesting that feminism has progressed so much in our lifetime, yet it still takes showing your tits to get noticed and followed and work….

Pretty sad women are so basic, when they could be way more clever, but their laziness and need to be a housewife who doesn’t work will always control them, and pulling out tits is easier than actually doing anything that would require effort…


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Kimberley Garner in a Bikini of the Day

Kimberley Garner Ass in the OCean in a Red Thong

Kim Garner or Kimberley Garner as she prefers to be called is some Reality Star from the UK with an awesome fucking body…

She’s making the move to LA, like every girl from another country who has even a remote amount of success…where she’ll leverage the people she’s met in TV, to break into the American market.

It’s the holy grail of entertainment…because pretty much anyone in these other countries seem to be able to make it…especially in the UK when there are only 12 hot chicks in the whole country…which gives them this arrogance that things will work out for her on a bigger scale…and maybe it will.

I’m more interested in her bikini pics because her body is fucking great and she’s probably found herself enough connected dudes to make all her dreams come true…because that’s how people do things you know.

Girls don’t realize this, but even remotely attractive girls get to live the good life without actually having to work…it’s good time to be a woman…it always has been despite all the whining they do.

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Kim Garner Bikini of the Day

Kim Garner is not related to Jennifer Garner, but I am sure she wishes she was, because it would give her some credibility and she’d be more than just this fame whoring reality star who spends the last month in a bikini hoping the paparazzi care enough to give her some press, because it’s hard out there for a bottom feeder from the UK.

You probably have no idea who Kim Garner is, and I barely know who Kim Garner is, but I have seen her half naked pics around over the last few years and I think she’s got one of the greatest bodies out there, she’s fit, she’s skinny legged, she’s got an ass, and overall…this is what I like looking at, rather than all these freakish fake ass weirdos..

I know, it’s weird to see a chimney sweeper from the UK with a nice tan and body, they are usually grey skinned piles of slop…but she exists, is likely trashy as you’d expect, but that body..is banging…and here are some of her ass in a bikini because why not…

She’s good…not sure what she’s good at other than this bikini thing…but we live in an era where that bikini thing is enough.


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Kim Garner Panty Flash of the Day


Kim Garner is some UK celebrity with a fucking amazing body which would make you think she’s not actually from the UK, since she’s thin, has all her teeth, isn’t grey skinned, a real freak of nature from that beef stew eating sunless nation…which I guess is enough reason for her to be famous by UK standards you know for being a freak of nature according to them…like how does this UK chick look so LA…weird glitch or something I gather…

Well, like all UK girls she’s snapped by the paps, who are into the get out of car pap, since 90 percent of the time it results in a pussy flash, while here we just see some panty…panty not more revealing than all her bikini pics, panties she’s pretending to cover up because she’s a lady…a lady in reality tv…so not a lady at all.


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