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Kim Kardashian Porno of the Day

Kim Kardashian Tight Panties and a Tight SHirt

Kim Kardashian is disgusting…

Getting her into her panties, positioning her like an innocent girl looking up at you all “doe eyed”…possibly because her face is so jacked up she can’t shut her eyes…in what is a classic porno pose pre dick being shoved down her throat….only this is filtered so aggressive, or shot in such soft lighting, that you can’t see how disgusting she really is…photo magic really…and it terrifies me, but not as much as how so many girl on the internet have this look…like it’s a trend…all these freakshows looking the same…

It disgusts me, but not as much as the corporate brands that support and sponsor this pig of a human….I get that the general public are morons…and take what they are told and don’t have the mental capacity to think that this Kardashian shit is terrible, lies, a scam or whatever…so they buy everything they are told to buy from them….

I just wish they’d realize how garbage, low level, and trash this cunt is…they’ve had their run….they’ve won…now kill them off and give the world better quality smut.

Here she is Post Porno for ELLE

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Kim Kardashian’s Sheer Top of the Day

Kim Kadashian decided to wear a sheer shirt to some Kanye performance because she’s a hooker, who likes attention, because that’s the basis of her and her family’s existence, and like most girls likes to showcase her tits to distract from her recently official battered GUNT thanks to baby making…and/or taking huge black cock…for what must be decades…

Despite hating everything about this girl, everything about her family, I would still suck the milk out of this vile and horrible thing, but that isn’t saying much, I hate myself, I am already slowly killing myself, and I figure whatever is in those tits is some fiery toxic slop from hell that will probably finish the job…

She’s sloppy, she’s in white pants, which you’d think was dangerous with having an infected vagina and all, but she’s still out there hustling like she’s not already done… Like in these Bikini pics


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