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Kim Zolciak in her Bikini of the Day

This is not some United Colors of Benetton shit….it’s just some southern trash from some Real Housewives of Atlanta shit giving some black girl a high five to make us think that she’s not some racist like her Southern ancestors who used to own little black girls.

She’s in a bikini and the only interesting thing in all this is that she is 32 years old, but somehow manages to look like she’s mid 40s soccer mom of four at some 3 star resort in the Domincan cuz that’s all her gutter ass can afford…and I’m not really sure why, but here are her pics for you to try to figure out…

Pics via Fame

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Worthless Old Lady that Isn’t an Old Lady Tits of the Day

Her name is Kim Zolciak. She’s on a TV show that wouldn’t be a TV show if there weren’t so many useless TV channels now that everyone’s got cable and the companies are trying to fill up time slots with serious low quality shit that doesn’t do shit for society but pollute it….and it’d be nice if they could instill laws against this kind of polluting llike they do when it comes to polluting other aspects of our life…you know like when I get a ticket for not picking up my dog’s shit, or in trouble for dumping my kitchen garbage out of my window, and how they make people with cars from the 70s get their exhaust pipes fixed and how they make us recycle and all that other bullshit…but for some reason, they can shove the garbage like Real Housewives of Bullshit about this pig’s life down our fucking throats like we care…doing nothing good for any of us…

It makes no fucking sense to me…it’s like you can’t put naked pussy on primetime but you can get away producing this shit…Hollywood is done. It doesn’t need an earthquake to sink it into the pacific, they suiciding themselves.

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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