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Kristen Renton’s Got a Barack Obama Toe in her Barack Obama Panties of the Day

This is probably the closest Barack has got to Vagina in a long fucking time. I am not just saying that because his wife is some 6 foot monster who can’t locigally have a vagina, but because he’s busy spending his time trying to change the fucking world. I am not one for politics, but I am one for boy shorts and can sometimes get blinded by them, especially when they have slogans on their asses, like this one time I was hanging with some girl who wanted to tan in her backyard and she pulled off her pants only to have a pair of underwear that said “SLUT” on them. I had a hard time figuring out the what she was trying to imply, was she actually a slut, despite being a fat 30 year old girl who I don’t think ever had a boyfriend or was it just one of those ironic slogan shirts because she was in fact nothing close to a slut. Either way, I tried to fingerbang her because I believe everything I read, and she shut me down. But the good news is that here’s some Kristen Renton, some chick I’ve never hear of, supporting the Election in her underwear….

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