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Kristin Wiig is Terrifying in a Bikini of the Day


I still don’t know who Kristin Wiig is, but I know she’s in the new Ghostbusters, 30 years later, when men are replaced with women, because women are the primary market for movies..

I am going to assume that she’s pregnant with her husband, because every woman on TV and in movies deserves a K-Fed to knock them up…especially at 42 years old when they know they are on limited timeline…

Or maybe that’s just what 42 year old bodies look like…terrifying…

If you’re like me, stick with the 20 – 25 year olds…they not have the shitty attitude that comes with a celebrity and her ego…but they sure as fuck don’t look like this monster mash….it’s a graveyard smash.


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