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Kristina Mendonca Amazing InstaThot of the Day

Kristina Mendonca Naked

Her name is Kristina Mendonca and she’s Australian….and like Australians, she looks good in a bikini, looks like she likes to have a good time, and even in her cheesy half naked bikini shoots, that are all so staged and over the tops, she throws some humor into the mix…

There is a whole group of these Australian girls with face injections and awesome bodies who travel around and promote the same shitty brands, doing ridiculous shoots for the sake of doing shoots, for their instagrams….not for actual brands or projects….all for a fucking instagram pic…which is pretty hilarious and ridiculous…but if they’re backing out and making money, or at least getting rich cock paying their rent…all while traveling the world with their friends they leverage, you know like business associates in the business of taking slutty pics, living this ridiculous life, half naked….pretty fucking easy….and it makes perfect sense to me….if the public are thirsty as fuck to look at bikini pics…and you look good in a bikini fucking take advantage of the opportunity…seize the day…

Here’s a solid pile of pics of the slutty Australian….

Kristina Mendonca Yellow Bikini Pussy Print Topless

Kristina Mendonca Legs Spread Yellow Bikini Pussy Print


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