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Lacy Chabert is the Emotional Eater of the Day

I never watched Party of Five because I have male genitals and a the time it was on TV, I had a social life and got laid on the regular because I was married to disgusting…but I know a lot of you motherfuckers did, so you may be shocked to see that Lacy Chabert, the young pussy on the show who used to look like THIS, now looks like she’s rushing to get to the all you can eat buffet because she’s in hypolycemic shock since she only ate a huge lunch 45 mins earlier and she feels the hunger comin’ on strong….

This is seriously the kind of fat that makes you wonder whether a bitch got molested as a kid leading her to emotional eating her way through it, or whatever the fuck triggered her to stop caring about having a career or being jerked fof to, and start self-medicating with food, but the same thing happened to Jennifer Love Hewitt who was also on Party of Five, so I can only assume shit is related….

Everyone likes to rip into celebs for being too skinny, drug addicts, drunks, but at least their greasy unhealthy lookin’ selves fit into a small.

Pics via Fame

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