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Lauren Buys Naked in a Trendy Cabin of the Day

Her name is Lauren Buys…and she’s in a Cabin naked…the way all cabin’s should be…

It’s the minimalist, small house, at one with nature movement….and you can’t be at one with nature if you don’t have you tits out in an artistic photoshoot…that isn’t all that artistic since because it looks like every other pictute…but any excuse to get a girl naked…in a photoshoot…

If you’re going to do that whole cottage country, retreat on acreage because you are scared of the future of the country….you need to get yourself a dock….and a girl willing to get on that dock naked…who ideally looks skinny enough to be naked on the dock…and not some fat chick you see at the waterpark in a full fucking sweatsuit to not get any sun on her stretched out, weak, delicate, pasty skin….

Point being…this is trendy in location, venue, lifestyle, photo shoot style and getting the fuck naked for free…solid.

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Lauren Buys Titties for Fashion of the Day

Lauren Buys is an amazing South African model…..and I love South African models…There is just something that is perfect about all of them….except maybe for the High Aids rate that they statistically are working against….but that aren’ really working against shit…cuz they look so good you’d fuck them raw dog without a condom just hoping they stick to you the rest of your life….even if it is shorter….plus AIDS isn’t a real issue if you’re in North America…it is just population control created by the governement….something pussy like this endorses or at least makes me want to get involved in…balls deep.

Either way, here she is getting naked for an obscure fashion site….

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